#1 Most Potent Anti-Aging Skincare Routine | PM Skincare with Results!

Potent and Powerful Anti-Aging Skincare Routine! I am 41 years old and I only use skincare products that truly give the best results! I have been in the skincare business for over 10 years and I know whats best! Hope you enjoy my PM skincare routine! XOXO

Bioderma |

Osmosis Lift Away Cleansing Balm (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Glowbiotics Acne Treatment Cleanser (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Zoe Qyksonic (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Rya Organics Hydrating Facial Mist (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Osmosis Stemfactor growth factor serum (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Alastin Immerse |

Osmosis Renew Vitamin A Serum (highest strength) (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |
If you are new to the Osmosis Retinaldehyde Vitamin A Serums then I would suggest starting with the middle strength which is called Correct
Osmosis Replenish Antioxidant Serum (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |
Osmosis Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |
Osmosis Infuse Activating Mist (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Photozyme DNA Repair Youth Recovery Serum (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

AiREMD Eye Complex |

Photozyme DNA Ultra Rich Moisturizer (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Alastin Restorative Neck Complex |

Revision Youthful Lip Replenisher (code Brianna20 for 20% off) |

Sleep N Glow OMNIA Anti-Aging Pillow (code Brianna10) |

* Current Favorites –
* Reverse Skin Aging with Next Level DNA Repair Enzymes (Photozyme MD) –
* Omg the Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredient 6000x More Powerful then Vitamin C –
* Cymbiotika Interview #2 with Founder Chervin –
* The Perfect Foundation for Mature Skin –

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  1. triple cleanse girl after my own heart!!!! yeeaassss. I love your routine, I started on the photozyme vitamin C two weeks ago, seriously amazing situation with my skin just with that, definetely going to add more of your recommendations, the only thing I would do that you don't include is Emepelle, in a few more years when the collagen battle is seriously on you must get on Emepelle. Love your presentations dear.

  2. Can you recommend a clean body lotion my skin is so dry all over my body and I have to be very careful what I use due to my autoimmune it has to be very clean any thoughts

  3. Thanks for the video. I’m 58 and oily/combo and slightly sensitive. Besides retinol 0.1% (curology). I also use niacin serum at night and Estée Lauder advanced night repair. I’m not happy with curology so besides the retineldehyde you mentioned what other 1-2 products do you recommend? Can’t afford all of that. Thanks!

  4. Hi Brianna! Congrats on your wedding!
    Question….I just started using the Photozyme DNA repair serum, which I’ve been loving!
    Do you think the Photozyme GFS Plus night serum should be used at night?
    Or will the Photozyme DNA serum work for both day and night…thank you!

  5. Thank you, always love your videos! I’m 55 and starting to get droopy eyelids and I am really trying to avoid doing any surgery. Do you think the AireMD eye could help with this? I am currently using a Revision eye cream. I know you also use the SkinCeuticals AGE eye, so I am open to any suggestions.

  6. So listen guys, I have used trash skin care my whole life jumping into trends and buying cheap drugstore products that are glorified. Cera Ve being one of them. I went online and listened to everything Brianna. EVERYTHING.

    I now use the core 4 from Osmsosis (growth factor, catalyst ac-11, calm and rescue) along with the boost peptide activating mist. I also use Truth treatments transdermal C balm, transdermal c serum, and a Sente eye cream.

    Brianna, I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of your advice and expertise. I’ve been using these products for almost a month now and my skin health is just changing before my eyes. It’s unbelievable. The texture, the tone, the overall radiance and plumpness. My skin is transforming it’s just wild.

    My favorite products to use based on the smell and feel are the growth factor and the catalyst ac-11. My skin LOOOOVES this sh*t!

    Xoxo David from Denver

  7. Omg!!! I’m obsessed with Ozark! I just watched the ending. And so sad it’s the final season. Ughhh!!! Favorite show ever!!! What other shows are you watching or into!???

  8. Is it harder washing your face with your eyelash extensions? It actually doesn’t look like you are makeup free because of the lash extensions. Love the products you recommend! ♥️

  9. I've tried all the Osmosis Vit A's but keep breaking out, would like to know what ingredient in them would do this, maybe just can't use this type of Vit A…?

  10. Hi Brianna!! Congratulations on your wedding! ❤️ So happy for you!
    So, my skin used to be oily up until 3 years ago. Now, it's sooo dry. I can't find ANY foundation that looks good bc it shows my lines and creases everywhere. I have had hormone issues my whole life so I think that has something to do with it. But…would hyaluronic acid help? Any suggestions? I trust your knowledge of products! Have a great weekend!❤️

  11. Can you do a video on neck wrinkles. I know you have videos on it but an updated one with maybe new products that actually work. I have these stubborn neck lines that will not go away.

  12. Can you also let us know what also aids in your fab skin- Botox, fillers, lasers. And what percentage of your great skin is skincare versus what you do with the derm. Thanks! We just finished Ozark.

  13. Great video!! Renew had me looking like a school girl. Had probably 30 breakouts. Now on clarify, fingers crossed it clears me up. Just finished Ozark, so good

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