30% THC: Under 1% CBD Indica – From Criminal To Patient In Australia Part 2

Join Christie from Plant Magic and Craze Collective as we explain some of the recent updates regarding medicinal cannabis access in Australia.

View our last Criminal to Patient video here –

Official information regarding access pathways for medicinal cannabis can be found via the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website –

View a list of some of the available medications here –

View a list of some of the specialist Australian clinics here –

ANTG Rocky (30% THC: Under 1% CBD) Indica

Thanks to: Plant Magic Australia, Friendly Aussie Buds, 710@420 & Ballin’ On A Budget

Filmed by Sigma & Co
Edited by Andrei Meltser
Produced by The Craze Co

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  1. Im on the Cannatrek T20 Daylesford 20%thc i honestly think it looks better quality then this, highly suggest

  2. Yeah .. 250$ for 10 grams of Aussie Rock @ 28.35 grams per ounce makes something over 700$ per oz, the only way to counter the ripoff is to have legal home growing and "farmer's markets."

  3. Price drops are mainly with the imported flower or oil products or discontinued items. Due to quality control issues.

  4. Currently enjoying some rocky as I watch this review. My only complaint for the price is the trim and the dryness of the flower . Possibly they need a boveda or integra humidity pack

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