3Chi Brand Delta 8 Products – What Is It, And How Does It Work?

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You’ve likely heard talk about Delta 8…especially if you’ve been into using CBD. If not, this may be interesting for you! Delta 8 THC is federally legal (part of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018), and works really well for me.

Everyone will have their own experience with it, but for me, I feel general overall calm and well being…and a little bit of a “buzz” that’s not quite like the full experience of Delta 9, but just kinda feels “buzzy”. Maybe like you feel right after that first beer after work. Either way, you might want to try it and see how well it works for you!

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These are solely my opinions, based on my use of these products. Please do your research, and use caution when using these devices. Buy or use at your own risk! Many of these items were provided to me, free of charge, so I could share them with you here on the channel. Vapor Trail Channel makes no claims regarding these items being “healthy”.

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  1. I will order some of these, thanks Tony! Also, I only get the negative effects when using cheap delta-9, I do not get any negative effects when using named(loud) delta-9

  2. All my years watching your channel, I have never vaped juice. I convert vape atomizers to dab atomizers. Been making the dab for 15 years now.100% legit. We call those “carts”around here.

  3. Kool video Tony. I'm a cannabis user but have never heard or tried this Delta 8.. maybe I'll check it out. My cannabis vape pen is super strong, maybe this could be a less potent alternative?? Thanks for the review and info brother. Oh yeah btw, I'm absolutely loving my Pulse 2 kit

  4. I believe they modify the CBD molecule and it results in Delta-8. They go this route because delta-8 is found only in trace amounts and no cultivar has bred a strain to produce substantial amounts of it yet. Yeah so this skirts the farm bill in a grey area. However it violates the analogue act. It's weird to say the least.

  5. Delta 8 (if good co) gets me high. Nice body high also. U will show positive on drug test!! Now Delta 10 is out. The 1 I had I didn't care for. 3Chi makes a fantastic D8 Rice Krispie Treat.

  6. I've been waiting to try there brand!! I've tried alot, got a fake one the other day. I saw this one & heard both. So glad to see you review them

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