5 Amazing Finds Over 50!

5 Amazing Finds Over 50!
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⊛ Beginning Skincare Playlist
⊛ 5 Things That Happened When I Started Shaving My Face
⊛ No More Puffy Under Eye Bags
⊛ DIY Vitamin C Serum
⊛ Best Concealer Trick Over 50
⊛ Tips to Lift the Face Over 50:

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful in this video maybe it is a combination of your healthy lifestyle and maybe some of it is the coloring of your makeup. Whatever it is keep it up you look fantastic!!! Thanks for the great info.

  2. Yes! Your skin is glowing and looks healthier and even more supple than it did a couple years ago. This is exactly what I want to achieve. I’m not trying to look 30, I’m happy to be a healthy, vibrant 60. I discovered your channel during the pandemic. Thank you for all the great tips. I’m a subscriber for life!

  3. Buckminster Fuller also created the geodesic dome in architecture! I went to college at SIU in Carbondale, Illinois where he was a professor and lived for a while and built his home in this shape.

  4. I would be really intereted in the Pure Sleep but I can't drink milk. Could you suggest anything else to mix it with? You look so much younger. Wow! This is the first time I have found you but i will be keeping up with you now that I did find you. I would like to find the skin care that you have used cuz your skin is beautiful. I'm so glad I found you!!!!

  5. Just a caution on the chaga tea. Per my nutritionist, If you have an auto immune disease, such as RA, MS, lupus, you cannot use this product because it does Make your auto immune system more active which could trigger a reaction if you have 1 of these Diseases. Also it can affect Your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic so you have to keep that in mind. Check with your nutritionist Or doctor before beginning use of this product just to keep you safe.

  6. Kimberly, thank you for sharing your journey! I have seen the supplements you have been taking on your Amazon Store and am wondering if you’ve deleted any of them since starting C60 and Pure Sleep? I don’t want to “overload” my body with supplements. Also, have you considered finding a glass pitcher to store your Chaga tea in? Plastics always give me the eebie geebies as I fear the chemicals used to make the plastic may leech into the tea. Many thanks again for all your inspiration and bright, positive zeal for life…you’ve lifted my spirits many times since I discovered you♥️

  7. I love this new hair color on you! This beautiful blonde is so warm it makes your skin and eyes just pop! I know you were the silvery, lighter blonde for a bit but that Made you look tired and washed out. This color is just amazing on you, It's just perfect for you!

  8. Yes, C60. 73 yrs old, started taking 2 yrs ago for memory. Greeted people without recalling their names. Got names back in 3 days. The general sense of well being and sparkling/ bright eyes are a bonus. My dog is 12 yrs old, and C60 has him prancing. Have Chaga powder and keep looking at it. Thanks for the morning coffee routine.

  9. Thanks, Kimberly! We have a bunch of chaga, but never thought of putting it in coffee – did that this morning. Fantastic!! I just ordered the C 60. What about hyaluronic acid as a supplement? Have you looked into that? I see the company that does Pure Sleep has a powdered supplement that is way less expensive than capsules.

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