5 Amazon Favorites – Affordable Finds!

5 Amazon Favorites – Affordable Finds!
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Eyelash Growth Serum

Products Mentioned:
Stainless Mug
Pure Sleep
Belt Hangers
Mug Warmer
Luggage Rack
Reusable Storage Bags Set #1
Reusable Storage Bags Set #2

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M O R E T O W A T C H ⤵
⊛ Beginning Skincare Playlist
⊛ 5 Things That Happened When I Started Shaving My Face
⊛ No More Puffy Under Eye Bags
⊛ DIY Vitamin C Serum
⊛ Best Concealer Trick Over 50
⊛ Tips to Lift the Face Over 50:


MITO – Red Light Therapy

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MyoLift – True Microcurrent Device
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NIRA – FDA Cleared at-home laser device

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Nebulyft at Home Radio Frequency

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JUPITER – My favorite CBD Oil (for creaky joints & stress!)

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CITY BEAUTY – The BEST Plumping Lip Gloss + Neck Firming Cream, Invisicrepe!!
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DRMTLGY – My favorite Sunscreen

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BK Beauty Brushes
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Sleep & Glow Pillow – Stop face creasing and sleep wrinkles

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  1. SO many great ideas!! AGAIN!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous finds -I have a luggage rack on the way and will definitely be trying the mug and the warmer. Can't wait to share the camisole/bra hanger idea with my daughters!! Thanks for all your energy and happiness. I find myself smiling while I'm watching you demonstrate/share/talk. You're fabulous!!

  2. The storage bags are an excellent idea! These would be perfect for our 5th wheel too. Love the pretty green sweater on you great color choice. I have to ask you where did you purchase the necklace you have on?

  3. Do you have any advice for staying motivated to be consistent with skincare ? I'm so bad at the twice a day thing & seems like most products call for 2X/day. I know simplicity is key – I get that but what exactly is it that drives the desire to do these routines consistently ? I'm sure most people would holler out, "self respect !" or " how about being clean ? " but those are obvious responses. Just want some thoughtful responses not someone's ire. Thank you.

  4. Love the bags. I am going on vacation and was looking all over today for some new storage containers to bring my skin care products with me. I went to Target and they were completely sold out, went to Walmart sold out, T J Max sold out I think since the country is opening up people are traveling again and everything is gone from the stores. So thank you for the great tip.

  5. I love the stasher silicone bags. Look into them. They are super sturdy. And they are dishwasher safe. I have bought others that just don't hold up! The Stasher are more expensive but hold up so we'll.

  6. I sincerely enjoy your shopping videos! I feel like I have a personal shopper! You do the all the work, then show us your favorites, and I appreciate that SO MUCH! I have purchased many of your suggestions and loving them! THANK YOU for your effort! Hugs from Louisiana!

  7. Kimberly, you can use your insulated mug for your coffee too. That’s what I use for my chai tea, to keep it hot. I got my Mom an insulated wine tumbler for her Moscato, but she started using it every morning for her coffee. Dual purpose ! I need to get luggage racks for my guest rooms. When I visited my friend at her winter home she had one in my room, and it was so nice ! Thanks for all your Amazon finds, and I also have similar bags for travel that are so handy, can’t be without them. Always love watching all of your videos !

  8. 1. you seem like you were a model or trained actress; so comfortable in your delivery. 2. I did subscribe to your newsletter. 3. I got the razors and shaved y face and neck, best I could, 1st time ever! [ except for the aesthetician whom I haven't seen in about 4 months!] 4. as i just found your channel in last 8 days… 5. I dunno if your products are vegan and I did get a message but wanna find your newest suggestions for serums/foundations/makeup and the eye lash stuff….5. gosh any suggestions on finding your videos right off… ty I love tuning in

  9. Loving your eyeshadow. What color/brand are you wearing? Do you use brow serum? Your brows and lashes are amazing! Love your green sweater and necklace! Info please! Great video! You are a gem!

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