50mg CBD Gummies [Savage CBD]

These are some of the best tasting Gummy worms on the market and are effective in their CBD delivery. 6 pieces per bag (50mg each) totaling 300MG per bag. If you’re looking for a CBD gummy that packs a punch, I recommend trying Savage CBD gummies. At 50mg per serving this delicious gummy will get you through your stress and anxiety. All Savage CBD products are lab-tested and non-GMO.

What’s your ideal CBD gummy dosage? Comment Below:
A. 5mg
B. 10mg
C. 25mg
D. 50mg

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Disclaimer: Due to YouTube’s Community Guidelines & the contents of this video anyone under the age of 18 must exit now. The contents of this video are for educational purposes only. Nothing for sale, this is just my honest review based on lab results, customer review and brand transparency. 18+ Only! Before you take any cannabis products you should consult a physician. We do not make any claims on our channel, we simply try products and give feedback on flavor, packaging, and discuss the online reviews. CBD is not a miracle drug you should learn more before you consider purchasing online. You can learn more about CBD testing here –

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