9 lip balms for dry, cracked, chapped lips| Dr Dray

Dermatologist Dr Dray recommended 9 lip balms for dry, crack, chapped lips. The best lip balms with and without sunscreen.
0:00 Introduciton
0:15 Blistex Simple and sensitive
1:20 Vaseline lip therapy advanced healing
2:41 Avene cicalfate restorative lip cream
5:25 Sun bum high performance sunscreen
7:06 EltaMD UV lip balm
7:52 Indeed labs hydraluron volumising lip treatment
9:52 Muji UV lip color
12:17 Curel moisture lip care cream
14:00 Kopari lip glossy
16:31 Outro

Blistex Simple and sensitive
Vaseline lip therapy advanced healing
Avene cicalfate restorative lip cream
Sun bum high performance sunscreen
Vanicream lip spf
EltaMD UV lip balm
Indeed labs hydraluron volumising lip treatment
Muji UV lip color
Curel moisture lip care cream
Kopari lip glossy

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  1. Yeah don't share, but you're putting your own germs on it. So if you're under the weather, put it in a clean finger and apply. Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean lip products in sticks (any inc lipstick)?

  2. I can’t understand anyone promoting a product made from GASOLINE! Petroleum is the same as petrol that we all put in our car! It’s highly toxic. And it’s worse from an actual Dr.

  3. Hello Doctor, Can you please suggest a lipbalm that would be helpful for darker lips…I mean just to soothen them and get natural pink color again.


  4. My aunt had skin cancer on her lip and it aint pretty, u dont want it, believe me!!!
    She was a pro golfer. Now I always use SPF. I love the Paulas Choice spf 50.

    My night-time favourite is the Avene Cold Cream lip balm. I have very dry, cracked lips and its the only thing that works. Every other lip mask or chapstick only makes my lips worse somehow??

  5. Do you ever speak about exfoliative cheilitis? My boyfriend has been suffering from it for almost a decade and we’ve been to sooo many dermatologists but nothing has changed. I would really appreciate your input if possible!

  6. Doctor Dray, I’m an adult man and caring for my skin hasn’t been part of my routine (I guess, culturally, men aren’t excepted to focus on that. I know it’s stupid!), until I accidentally stumbled into your channel. You have changed my life and I want to thank you for your videos! they’ve really helped me steer in the correct direction towards making informed decisiones about my health. I love you!

  7. Ingredients to look for (picked from the video):
    Cocoa butter
    Shea butter
    Hyaluronic acid
    Licorice root

  8. What are people's opinion on the Laneige lip sleeping mask? (the ones that come in a little pot and there are a bunch of flavor options)

  9. could you review the Revolution Skincare Berry Lip Sleeping Mask? the ingredient list looks promising but I'm sceptical because of the low price..

  10. I have a question. If I wear a lip balm with spf under a lipstick layered with a lip gloss on top, does the spf in the lip balm still work? Should lip balms with spf be layered over everything to work? There might be an obvious answer to my question but I don't know the answer. Thank you in advance for any answers to this question.

  11. My daughter has hashimotos and it makes her have VERY dry lips. She has dry patches in the corners of her mouth. What is the best to use on a child with continued thyroid problems?

  12. Do you have a suggestion for dry cracked nostrils. The superior point of the nostril axis is a chronic problem for me. It is worsened by wearing a mask. Please give a suggestion. Thanks so much for sharing such a wealth of knowledge!

  13. I have lip-balms in my desk at my office, my desk at home, my purse, my car, and in each bathroom of my house. When one goes missing, (usually because my husband steals it), it ruins the whole balance of things. LOL! Thanks for the list…I love trying out products you recommend!

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