Hey EllisFamLifers, and welcome to another episode! In this video, I talk about CBD Oil…there are SO many kinds out there…it can be overwhelming when you want to try it but don’t know where to start. I give examples of several different kinds, and also go into a little more detail about the kind and amount we use for the twins. Thanks for watching!

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Leave a comment if you’d like to TRY CBD for yourself or autistic loved one; have ALREADY tried it; and/or HOW it worked!!

We’re a family of 6, doing life with nonverbal autistic twin boys…This is EllisFamLife #autistictwins, where we want to raise, relate, and educate…
Raise awareness and acceptance of nonverbal autism; relate to you and the autistic person in your life; and educate about nonverbal autism by sharing what our life looks like with nonverbal autistic twins, Alex and Will. We like to keep it real, share fun and serious stories, tips of the trade, anecdotes, and basically, what our daily life looks like. New videos loaded on Wednesdays and Saturdays…Check out our YouTube channel: EllisFamLife #autistictwins.

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  1. I have a 3 year old daughter who is nonverbal autistic and I just ordered our first cbd oil. Thanks so much for sharing your experience

  2. Hi I have twin 3yr old non verbal autistic boys with sensory issues like toe walking, do not chew solid foods. one of my friend Elizabeth told you had good results with CBD oil we would like to know more details on availability/usage btw we are in Birmingham, AL

  3. Thank you for your information. I appreciate your willingness to share it with other parents with children with autism.

  4. Hi the daily dosage syringes you use…I know you give the boys 15mg but what type of dosage you use 350, 500, 1000…and long does one syringe last? I’m interested in using them for my 6 year old thank you

  5. Hi, thank you for your response, I live in the UK and I tried to order some but it was only meant for people in the USA. I don’t know if there’s any way you could help me to order them. I don’t like the one they sell here

  6. We are a few weeks in and we are still seeing way fewer meltdown moments. Much better eye contact. Still having some rages, but better behavior overall.

  7. Haha yes! I used to put vitamin B12 melts under Christian's tounge while he was sleeping. They were so tiny that it wouldn't have caused him to choke or anything. I'm sorry I forgot to buy the CBD through your affiliate this month. I just bought it through the company I got it from the first time I bought it. I honestly just forgot. Next time I'm going to check out those syringes. Thanks for another great video!

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