Best Costochondritis Self-Treatment, No Meds. STOP Alarming Chest Pain!

Best Costochondritis Self-Treatment, No Meds. STOP Alarming Chest Pain!

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Bob and Brad discuss costocondritis at home without any medications. If you are experiencing chest pain, it may be costocondritis. Always consult your physician if you are experiencing chest pain.

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  1. I’ve had this chest pain since I was 11 happens like once a month and last like 5 min, idk if this is what it is or not I’m not finna go to a hospital bc im scared it’s worse then this lmao

  2. Well I overdid it mowing the lawn as fast so I could to beat the rain and the dark. I'm 37. I felt it on my left and down my left side and abdomen and it took my breath away. I still have pain from it. Thank you. I really thought I was having a heart attack. Could not believe it. No cholesterol or high triglycerides, very low blood pressure and I'm very active.

  3. Can you get this after breaking your sternum? I had a broken sternum after an accident one year ago. I had a pain in my back between my shoulder blades the other day. I didn't think much of it. Went grocery shopping and the pain went in the left side of my chest and became very sharp. I went home and took aspirin waited awhile and took famotidine. Late that night it went into my left shoulder and I went to the ER.
    My heart checked out fine. They gave me a list of things it could be a said come back if you need to. I'm 62 and have had arthritis most of my life. Lots of symptoms and flares and doctors usually think I'm a hypochondriac or drug seeking. I was having a flare up for a month or more before this, but the doctors didn't really listen to me. I've been fighting my psoriasis. I've broken out in a rash on my left and right shoulders that turned to blisters not painful but super itchy!
    This pain comes and goes. Last from a few hours to 12 hours so far.
    Thank you for this video!

  4. I felt around on my sternum where I was feeling pain. I pushed on the area, circumference of a half dollar or a little smaller. It hurt real bad. I started to massage it. That hurt but the pain went away. This has happened to me 6 times. It will last for hours if I don't massage it. I promise it will get rid of the pain.

  5. Funny thing is I had this years ago, thought it was a heart attack, got it treated and forgot all about it. A few days ago the pain came back and I panicked all over again thinking it was a heart attack lol.

  6. Holy crap. This helped soo much. I did the chest stretching from a different video and they didn't help much. I then used my foam roller on my back and it instantly took away the pain in my chest… This is literally a godsend. Thank you sooo much, I went to the ER many times thinking I was having a heart attack and also thought I had lung cancer. Turns out it's just my back is really tight and I'm assuming it's a lot stronger than my chest because I do many pullups.

  7. The way you show how to use the backpod is completely different than the way Steve August uses it. I've been laying on it without moving like be showed. Are you supposed to move around?

  8. I have hypermobility in some joints, and so does my father. It seems my sternum is like that too. Im 25 and really active so i usually dont have this pain but latelly (whenever i try an aggressive stretch when i have a chest day, e.g db flys) it is one of the worst pains i ever felt.
    It seems its kinda traumatic and not chronical, so imma stop the pec stretches and do these exercises from the video since they've been helping.
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Can the pain come and go ? I developed chostochondritis a month after I had to pick up my husband not sure if it was cause I lifted him without thinking . He was having a seizure I didint think about anything in the moment . My pain had went away for like 2 months now I'm experiencing it again and I hate it because it gets mixed with anxiety all I think about is the pain . I get the sharp pain out of no where on my left side near my breast and under where my rib is at and my back as well . Sometimes shoulders they checked everything else and it was good I was diagnosed with chosto a couple months ago they said it won't come out in an X-ray though . I really want this pain to go away without me having to drink pills for the pain

  10. Thank you for this vid and explaining how it could come from back issues! I suspected this when my lower left rib in front hurt – Doc had told me this was due to back damage (the nerve injured that travels around to the front of the rib) from a car wreck years ago.
    In May I went to ER – pain, hurting so bad I was queezy, sweating (from pain) … cold chills. Had just turned 60, my little brother had his first heart attack at 49 – so yeah, I headed to ER. They said everything checked out ok – blood ok, heart ok … then said it must have been a panic attack. Pissed me off – I said the only panic I had was from thinking I was having a heart attack! I have a list of exercises the pt guy gave me years ago (after the wreck) – brushed them off and started doing them again. Not totally gone yet, but at least it is tolerable now.

  11. I get pain on my left pectoral area suddenly sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t after a week or month, i workout 6 days a week and lift alot of weights and i bench as well, idk if its that or something but im confused, because i doubt its heart problems because i do take pre workout and im sure if it was heart problems id be dead due to the energy it gives, i went to the doctor like months ago and then when they checked my blood pressure or bpm wtvr it is they said it was high but i think it was because i was nervous because at the time i had injured myself working out so i was scared it would be something bad, but she just told me to take deep breath’s and calm down so yeah any idea what it is because i doubt its heart problems (im 17 btw)

  12. I am so inspired by Bob and Brad!! I recently watched your video"#1 Reason Knots Won't Go Away!". I have dreadfully knotted neck, shoulders, back and my spine is almost frozen. I purchased a CostoBlock from Amazon and received it yesterday. I'm so grateful to finally have a possible solution to my chronic headaches, neck pain, shoulder tightness and back pain!!! Brad and Bob Thank You for your great information. I've had a lot of birthdays and this suffering with my neck and back issues is getting worse with age. I also watched videos from Steve August at your suggestion. I'm going to get busy stretching.

  13. Don’t know what’s wrong but when I moved it hurt so bad. I couldn’t breath in or out much I felt like calling 911 but my dad would probably be mad. I prayed and the pain went away. I think he helped me. Also my chest made a ear scarring rubbing pop.

  14. You know what cured mine after weeks of pain? Massive amounts of vitamin b complex. Prescribed to me by a heart specialist.

  15. The first time I ever got costochondritis and you guys talked about the backpod I thought no way is this going to work but decided to try it anyway do to my pain. After the first use my pain was gone! Well months later here I am with it again and as soon as you mentioned about the backpod , I remembered I stored it away so got it out and bam! Took away my pain on first try again!! Money well spent!!

  16. I went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with Costochondritis. I thought I was having a heart attack. The pain is definitely intense. I’m going to definitely try this later today!! Thank you.

  17. My costochondritis always shows up right after a bad seasonal asthma attack and I'm undergoing a doozy right now. Since the end of May it's been really bad.The pain on the right side of my breast plate is pretty sore right now. My concern about what's being show in this video is the laying on the floor part. What do people who can't lay on the floor do? Is there an alternative?

  18. That thing would work so much better if it had rollers or wheels under it. That way you can just roll back and forth. That is why i think a tennis's ball is better.

  19. Can someone help??? I've been having arm/shoulder, and left chest pain for about 4 days now I'm 14 years old and I'm really scared that it might have something to do with my heart. I have no side symptoms just weakness in my arm and shoulders. Sometimes I have random heart palpitations and I'm not sure if it's anxiety or my heart? I'm going to the doctors soon but I'm very stressed out about it and wish I could find an answer

  20. At 60, I have just discovered this, sadly. But honestly, I've had issues with this since age 10 or 11. I was taken to the doctors at age 10 and was checked by a cardiologist and they found nothing and told my foster parents that it "might" be growing pains. Fast forward, age 20 something something, I was fitted with a portable cardio machine for 24 or so hours and it showed nothing as well, all normal and ok with my heart. I have worked out since middle school with weights all the way through present day. I'd forgotten all this so none of my doctors are aware of this condition of mine. But, I'm going to have to tell them since now I remember. It has been keeping me up at night because it does tighten while I'm sleeping (my chest). I get up sit around, relax and I can feel it loosen. I want to take Ibuprofen but I read it affect asthma, I have taken Ibuprofen in my early days for muscular pain when I worked out. So lets see what my doctor says so that I can have a good nights sleep.

  21. I’ve gone into the ER three times at three different hospitals and two different doctors and they all said the same thing and just prescribed me medication.
    I’ve asked so many times “what can i do to prevent this or is there any minor surgeries i could have to fix it permanently?” And they’d always say “no, just heavy medication. You’ll deal with this for the rest of your life”

    My case:
    -started when i was 17 (I’m 20 now)
    -it flares up every other month
    -starts around 1am lasts until 5am and then i feel drained/sore for the rest of the day.
    -symptoms: nausea, shortness of breathe, sharp/heavy pain on my sternum, left rib, breast bone and back.
    -the medication I’ve been prescribed..
    Ibuprofen 800mg, Naproxen 375mg , Ketorolac 10mg,

    -my home remedies to ease the pain:
    Heating pad, hot chamomile or oregano tea, Warm baths, CBD cream or tiger balm.

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