Breaking: Medicinal cannabis oil listed on PBS for Dravet syndrome

Health Minister Greg Hunt MP has announced a new medicinal cannabis oil will be made available from May 1 on the PBS for Dravet syndrome – a severe form of epilepsy which mainly impacts children.

“One of the things we’ve been most privileged to be involved with as the government is the PBS,” Mr Hunt said.

“It’s the first occasion on which a medicinal cannabis product has been made available on the PBS.

“This can help literally save lives and protect lives, it’s a small number of kids – about 116 a year who are affected and will have the appropriate condition to receive this medicine.

“(The medicine) will help give these children a shot at normality, help give them a shot at a longer life and a better life.”


Nobody deserves getting a criminal record or in debt over cannabis. #LegaliseCannabis 🍋🍊🇦🇺

The science is in, & the laws need changing now. 👀

Note: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has been hailed as “the most important physiologic system involved in establishing & maintaining human health.”


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  1. We have to start somewhere and this looks like a good place…..those families no longer have to dip into their retirement funds, get loans, downsize or buy illegally.

  2. Just legalise Cannabis already. It's inevitable. 1500 Australians die of alcohol-induced diseases EVERY year, yet alcohol is LEGAL. Show me 1 single case of anyone dying from THC-induced diseases in the entire world, in recorded history. Instead, it ALLEVIATES some diseases and is a more healthy pain management tool. At a time when we are told to believe that women have penises and men have periods, why can't a conservative government pull their heads out of their arses and recognise that Alcohol is MUCH MORE UNHEALTHY than Cannabis? LEGALISE IT.

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