Britney Spears' Mother: Extends An Olive Branch Or Self-Serving? | Perez Hilton

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Written by Perez Hilton


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  1. Britney is emancipated from her family. Like McCauley Culkin. Her mother's unsolicited public wedding sentiments are inappropriate. As is sending a unsolicited wedding gift to a celebration you were not invited to. And on top of it all there is bad blood and Britney's wedding is not the time to attempt to extend olive branches. That ship sailed a long time ago.

  2. She could have done it more private the fact she commented shows what its really about and that's gaslighting/ attention there is no olive branch that's a bunch of shit after 13 years being treated the way that Britney was treated I'd love to see how you would react towards your family after enduring what she did while under the conservatorship. I don't think people fully comprehend 13 years you had no privacy you were recorded without your knowledge and monitored not even allowed to go to someone's house 8 minutes away from you not being allowed to choose the color of your own walls and not having autonomy over your own body to with Britney fuck every single one of them this the shit that happens when money is involved shit changes up real quick

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