Brittney Griner Sentenced on Drug Charges in Russian Court | E! News

WNBA star Brittney Griner learns her fate in a Russian court after she was arrested at a Moscow airport for having vape cartridges containing cannabis oil.

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Brittney Griner Sentenced on Drug Charges in Russian Court | E! News

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  1. There was no intent? What evidence? They obviously didn't ignore the evidence because it gave her nine years

  2. I don't know why arrogant Americans think they can travel to other countries, break the law and expect the same system of justice like their home ..

  3. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahshahahah….

  4. I dont know much about this other them my friend told me she accidentally left it in her luggage.
    If that be the case,,, OMG BOY did she pick the wrong time and place to make this kind of mistake.

  5. If her sentences is "unacceptable" and you believe she should be released, then what about those men and women being held in USA prisons for marijuana possession, shouldn't they be released as well?

  6. Well, this was unexpected! So, no trade? Was this all propaganda number for nothing? Still, I hope they stick her in with the men instead of the women. While most of Russian male inmates would find demeaning to beat the crap out of a woman for any reason, the Russian women, unfortunately, they have no problem with it at all, they'll beat her and humiliate her mercilessly just for the fun of it! She really chosen very poorly the country to screw up like this. Let's hope that by some miracle Biden would do in the next six months what it took Trump less than a day to do for the LaVar boys in China. I would really hate to know that Griner ends up having the same cruel fate as Otto Warmbier.

  7. Im sure mf done worst than that in russia and you mean to tell me less than a gram gets you 9-10 years, these mf playing straight games…

  8. So, she wants to come back to the U.S.? Now she suddenly likes this country? From Wiki: In 2020, Griner, along with teammate Brianna Turner, called for the WNBA to stop playing the United States national anthem before the games. Well, thankfully for her she won't have to hear it for 9 more years!

  9. How some people equate having a weed pen being the same as smuggling drugs, smh. But it's no surprise she got the MAX sentence, most blacks do. I don't even condone weed, but it's a natural plant, just like tobacco. There's no REAL justice in the justice system, only GOD.

  10. As sad as it is for her, she broke Russian law. No matter how famous and rich you are, you cannot do that and treat it like a mistake. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her, she could’ve easily prevented this.

  11. WTF she’s a professional athlete WTF she’s doing going to a freaking country with cannabis is she freaking dumb or is she entitled to take drugs to a different country. It’s her fault hey people if you like drugs and it’s ok in your country it is not ok in other countries. If you’re athlete and your contract says visit Countries that are not safe don’t go screw the people of that country think for your own safety and leave your drugs at home.

  12. It reminded me of Billy from the movie Midnight Express, quiet people paying for political disagreements between countries.

  13. She thought she was so cool turning her back on "racist" America then begging same for help. You did the crime now do the time.

  14. She thought she was so cool turning her back on "racist" America then begging same for help. You did the crime now do the time.

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