"Buchanan’s Pineapple Cranberry" with CBD Oil

The countdown to the 2020 harvest is on! If you are a farmer you know what that means…

Harvest side effects include:

-Sleepless nights

-Crop nightmares

-Crippling anxiety

-Compulsive news weather watching

-A permanent hemp smell on everything you own

-Repeatedly chanting, “is this worth it?”

Thankfully we grow a beautiful plant that helps with 3 out of 6 of those problems! For the other half of the list we have for you a “Buchanan’s Pineapple Cranberry CBD Cocktail.” This is an incredibly easy drink that we made using ingredients we had on hand! (Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Buchanan Scotch so we did make a switch to Johnnie Walker.)

Check out our blog for more recipes and Schoppee Farm updates!

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Written by madmin


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