Don’t knock it till you try it tbh

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  1. i wonder about one ting. and i know you said you're not going to talk about anorexia that much anymore. but I'm wondering if you could talk about tips to meet the mini maud requirements on a vegan diet. like recipes, and stuff. to show an alternativ to eating meat in recovery.
    i am not allowed to be vegan by my treatment team cause they say its not healthy or possible in recovery, but i want to show them that i can.

    much love from norway

  2. I was in a car accident back in December and had struggled with sleep ever since. After almost 2 months of not getting restful sleep I tried taking CBD before bed and FINALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I’m so glad to hear that you found CBD for sleep as well!!

  3. Merry Rose I am trying eating some vegetarian meals that I have ordered through the meal that I have delivered. So stoked about it. I don't know if you reads these but I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I am trying to get ED under control so thank you

  4. i have bipolar and an eating disorder and weed helps so much. helps regulate my moods generally or make them less severe, and helps me eat. 100% recommend 🙂

  5. Wow! Super interesting video.
    Id love to see a video after a month using this products.

    I hope your sleep gets much better.

  6. CBD helps me a lot with anxiety, and therefore the depression sometimes caused by anxiety. (They're often comorbid). I've tried oil and smoking it. Get that free CBD ish, sis!

  7. I wonder if there are more things that help you with your mental issues? Would like to see a vid about that kind of stuff ❤️ ur amazing

  8. I have really severe insomnia like probably only get a few hours of sleep per week and I've tried a lot of things but never CBD and now I'm like hm maybe it would be worth investing in a good trial period

  9. Did you mention the CBD percentage in the oil? Probably I just missed it. Anyway, guess who’s starting her own researches right now lol

  10. Can you please make an advice video on how to deal with non-vegan family members and friends? Sometimes it's hard for me to ignore the criticism and hate I get for my food choices. Love you!

  11. My stepfather fell on ice while walking our dog. He can’t take pain medicine cause he has an overactive histamine so it cause him to blow up. He some cbd oil said it helped his pain

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