Cancer Treatments For Oral Cancer In Cats and What Happens If Treatment Fails: VLOG 126

Feline oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common cancer in the mouth in cats. This is a challenging cancer to find early and treat. In this VLOG, Dr Sue discusses treatment options including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and why she often focuses on supportive options instead such as pain management and nutritional support.

In case you missed it be sure to check out VLOG 125 where Dr Sue gives you an overview of oral SCC and covers causes, symptoms, and recommended diagnostics.


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  1. Thanks for the informational video, my 4 year old cat might have Oral/nasal cancer, emotionally devastated, this started a chronic nasal discharge issue, (3 months ago) now there is a bump on his inner upper palate that keeps growing and making it difficult for him to eat and breath because of his constant sinus discharge we thought of rhinitis issue but it looks like this is not the case… after several weeks of visits to our regular vet and several medicinal treatments that has not worked for him we just don't know what else to do,but not giving up on him, he is also fighting it….
    your video has been valuable way to learn and understand more about this disease,
    Thanks Doctor.

  2. Special thanks to God almighty for using Dr Osuma on YouTube channel to clear my doubts and bringing me back to my normal healthy life again,Cancer is a deadly disease which I have never thought of getting cured from ,and I'm so excited to share with everyone this great testimony about the perfect work of Dr osuma in my life and with the help of his natural herbs to fight against cancer.
    Thank so much Dr osuma ,You can reach out to him on YouTube by searching Dr Osuma….

  3. Wish I had seen this when my cat had an SCC in his tongue 5 years ago. I decided to do radiation and did only one treatment before having to euthanize him. It made his symptoms SO much worse…had I known I wouldn't have done it. In 2.5 weeks I went from having a normal acting cat to one I had to PTS. It was that fast…:(. In hindsight I should have done a feeding tube and given him palliative care.

  4. I've been bawling out, we went to check our cat out and the vet said that she has some tumor on her mouth.. and something about her not being able to survive long

    please is there any possibility of surviving, is it really impossible? i just can't hand;e knowing any of this

    we were given cocoa (our cat).a year ago by a family friend. at that time she came in so healthy, her weight so good. we took her to the vet when we first got her just to make sure everything was alright, and she was PERFECTLY healthy. but now, seeing that in the last few months she's lost a bit of weight and a few of those symptoms been showing, I feel like it must be bad luck that she came to us. I mean the people she was with 7 years, she was so healthy when they didn't even take her to the vet ever.

    Other than the symptoms, she's still going around really well, playing, eating (9lbs atm), sleeping well. I just don't get why this had to happen, to be told that there are probably a few months left is the worst thing I could ever hear.

  5. Thank you, Dr. My boy was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. He's still eating, thankfully. I've been giving him Prednisolone in pill form, but I'm going to ask my doctor about liquid. I'm so heartbroken, but I'm going to make sure he's comfortable for as long as he has.

  6. Jinxie's biopsy came back today. He has SCC. My question, can cryotherapy be helpful by using liquid nitrogen to spot freeze the cells in the lesion? Just curious, though not knowledgeable. Thanks, Dr. Sue.

  7. Thank you, this was extremely informative. I'm currently waiting for the biopsy report for my 15 year old Ragdoll cat, Jinxie. It should arrive next week. Doesn't look promising as I suspect it is SCC. Thank you for your honest opinions about this awful condition. I appreciate it.

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