Cannabis Trichome Field Tutorial: What Makes a Washer? / Nikka T / Ganjier

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“A washer is a cultivar that, when agitated in cold water, produces 4% or greater yields from fresh-frozen material or 12% from dry after pressing into Rosin.”

A popular feature of the Ganjier live training farm tour, involves a tactile, trichome field tutorial presented by solventless extraction expert Nick Tanem (aka Nikka T) on how to identify what’s known as a “washer” – a cultivar capable of producing a viable yield of trichomes for ice-water hash or hash Rosin.

The key variables to assess are:

* Trichome density.
* The shape and structure of the trichome as well as the cannabis bud itself.
* The tactile feel/consistency of trichomes when rubbed on the plant between day 45 and harvest.

Ganjier students are encouraged to examine cannabis plant trichomes close-up with their custom jeweler’s loupes and then feel the leaves for either a grit or grease consistency to determine their viability as washers.

To delve even deeper into the science and specifics of this increasingly popular processing aspect of the cannabis industry, Nick recently crafted an article on the topic for the Spring issue of Skunk magazine.

If you’re ready for the real thing and would like to join Nick and other Ganjier expert instructors for in-person, in-depth, hands-on instruction you won’t find anywhere else, visit for details.

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  1. I've noticed a change in the glands as well in the last years with popular cultivars some don't produce at all like we use to see. Those big bulbous heads that melt to nothing seem to be moving out at least in mu neck of the woods

  2. I'm in Gulfport Ms and I wanna be able to grow fields like this and be able to make my own strands. It just sucks that in order to get into this field it requires millions of dollars.

  3. Hey how are you doing guys. I love watching your channel but the audio is kinda messed up. Just to let you know. Keep up the good work. Hopefully one I can come and meet you guys. I been in the culture for a very long time maybe one day we can meet and pick each other's brain. Love and respect

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