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Liquid/Paste/Sauce Packaging Machine with Pumping System
Juice, Honey, Ketchup, Peanut butter, Garlic sauce, Milk, condensed milk, Shampoo, gel, emulsion, lotion, Liquid detergent, liquid soap…
We also specialized in below:
Bag/Tea bag ,Skin card packing machine, Tube filling sealing machine, Twist tie machine, Wrapping machine,Grinder,Mixer,Conveyor,Sealer
Juice, Water, Jelly, Ice pop, ice lolly…packing machine
Grain, Snack, Sugar, Spice, Rice, Popcorn, Seed, bean, Milk powder, Sliced Vegetable, Detergent, powder, soap powder, Ground coffee, instant coffee, Talcum powder, desiccant…packing machine
Each order is custom made to your specifications. We take pride making each custom machine that will give you the highest quality that will last for years of trouble free service. We manufacture our own machines and also have the flexibility to import, export, and ship via sea or express. Plus provide fantastic service after the sale and stand behind our machines with a strong lifelong guarantee.

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