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Anytime I tell people that I take CBD oil, I always get a myriad of questions like is CBD safe? what do you use CBD for? is CBD legal? will CBD get you high? so I thought I’d make a video about why I take it and share some CBD knowledge with yall!


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  1. Much love to you all! Drop a comment on where you're from. I Wanna know whos rocking with the Rasta Pharaoh!

  2. Due to my CDL license, I have to be careful. I was vaping cbd for about 1 month & the benefits BLEW MY MIND!!!! But I stopped because I became nervous that I’d fail a random drop. I miss it!!!! I’ve been on a mission to find cbd in PURE form ever since!!! The stuff is phenomenal, I’m a witness!

  3. Gracias Rasta Pharaoh, much love from Los Angeles CA, plants over pharmaceuticals any day. Peace and strength.

  4. Be careful that CBD most likely has pesticides in it. That's why if I dont see how or where its grown, it's not going in my body

  5. Great information i really enjoying listening to you,am from St Vincent and the Grenadines thank you for sharing such knowledge am interesting in these product that you share in your video how and where can i get a hold of them.

  6. I smoked pot since I was 13 and when I quit I suffered 4 months of not falling unconscious. May be extreme. Dependence on any external neurotransmitter/cannabinoids can have negative effects. But my case is likely extreme.

  7. Will be looking into it. Thanks for all the positivity and knowledge you share with us. Have you read the book The Superbeings by John Randolph Price?

  8. Awesome video! I'm really interested in using CBD. I had no idea it had neuro-generative properties. The only thing in that line I've tried is lion's mane mushroom. Have you ever tried that before? Anyways, keep up the great videos, man. love the energy.

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