CBD Oil for Dogs: Experience, Benefits & Dosage !!

Yup!! I am really happy that CBD oil can be used for your dogs to treat their Anxiety, Chronic Pain and even Cancer!

So many benefits without hurting their liver or kidney because its 100% Natural and Vegan!

You can get more information about CBD oil for dogs here:

I have been using CBD oil for 2 years but i bought the dog tincture recently by CBDistillery(will drop the link below), It has been working really well and i am happy that i bought from this company.

CBD oil has benefits for Dogs, Cats and humans alike.

I miss consuming CBD as I am pregnant. I have read that you should not take CBD when you are pregnant or lactating.

So i will not recommend you to give CBD to a pregnant dog.

Research more about CBD, please visit:

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If you are interested to know more about CBD oil for dogs, I will recommend you to get this book:

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  1. CBD oils usually contain less than 0.5% THC which is super low amount so dont worry about your dog getting high. High THC content plants can go up to 20% for a comparison.

  2. I have S&R k9s .. starting to use cbd for hip displacement anti cancer / pain / seizures THEY ARE our best friends .. Quality of Life for our aging buddies

  3. Thank you for your very informative vid, my little tea cup chorkie has allergies, so doing my homework on the oil before I purchase, after your vid even more convinced to try it for my little angel.

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