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  1. I use the same weekly pill organizers (except mine are for each meal rather than each day)!! I'm also on several of the same supplements :))

  2. Hey girl, I'm about to order this. actually I just ordered it lol hopefully I get it next week. By the way thank you so much for helping me out with information but dr. Jemsek. The appointment was great. Very grateful for you taking the time to message me.

  3. This Jennefer I started my channel and was checking on you today realized I had not subbed from this page so disappointed in myself lol! I'm here now I have alot of catching up to do!

  4. Sweetheart, I know the pain you’re in. Yours is caused, I know, by the nerve in your face. When I hear your voice, you sound just like I do with a migraine. After suffering for 50 years with migraines, They finally diagnosed me with Celiac. After laying off gluten for a year and a half, I realized my migraines were no where near as severe and I only have them 3or 4 times a month. Maybe with your CBD mine will be pretty much gone. THANK YOU! I know how hard taping this was for you. God Bless you..

  5. Id love to see what things you do to manage pain, from migraines, to nerve and bone pain. Supplements, gadgets, tinctures, methods, anything at all.

  6. Ugh..migraines are the worst… I loved CBD oil. It took all the pain inside my skin away. All the bone & muscle pain and some of the spasms. I only took 5 drops of low dose CBD oil and it was very helpful. I put my comblers away thos morning. I'm only taking Plaquenil still. Just one medicin! Wooo! My lyme nightmare seems to be coming to an end 🙂 Hope yours will too, soon!

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