CBD vs CBDA – What's The Difference and How It Works in the Body

CBDA is good for chronic pain, chronic anxiety, lower back pain, neck pain, neck and shoulder pain. It works well if you have a headache. It helps with inflammation. CBDA also works well for nausea.

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00:00 Intro

01:06 Founder and CEO Stacy Cason back story and discovering the power of CBD and the hemp industry

02:27 Changing how Hemp is processed and the medical benefits of CBDA

03:47 Differences between CBD and CBDA

06:31 Extraction process: myths and truths
09:06 Health Benefits of CBDA
11:32 When You should take CBD vs CBDA

13:12 Dosing and Form Factors
16:40 Terpenes

18:13 Entourage Effect
19:27 Planetarie product selection

21:57 CBDA and effectiveness in treating COVID-19

24:38 Discount on Planetarie products

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  1. Thank you so much for presenting such an intriguing guest. Stacy’s entrepreneurial spirit coupled with one of Earth’s natural healers is so inspiring. As a peri-operative RN and recent MBA graduate, I applaud her efforts to combine her medical and business education into what will undoubtedly be a solid company as awareness of this topic broadens. Congratulations. Stacy!

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