Cleanse, Treat, Protect – Foundations of Skincare

If you’re new to skincare, start here!

This is our foundation video on skincare. Every video on active ingredients that follows will fit into this routine.

Keep your routine simple and break down your steps into:
1. Cleanse
2. Treat (active ingredients)
3. Protect

Drop questions below!

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  1. A question I've had for a long time: Skin treatments are often used to cause skin damage to improve collagen production for healing, but we are cautioned when a retinol or aha/bha, etc. causes skin damage like flaking or redness. – Doesn't redness and flaking also promote collagen production through healing response? Also: Please break down the instruction not to use products around the eyes even though that's where the collagen production is most needed.

  2. Guys, love the idea of this "format" you want to bring, however, I hear a lot of the "safe, basics, simple", for that, there are tons out there to watch and read, we are looking for a step up, the next level thing

  3. New sub! Found you on TikTok and love the videos about men’s founding routine needing to be the same as women’s. Also the one where you say treat not only your face but your whole body!

  4. Hi I'm an avid fan of yours. I would like to ask for your opinion. I have highly sensitive acne prone skin and it's still active (I have PCOS) . What can you recommend to treat my acne(skin routine) ? Is it okay to not stick to one brand? My skin is okay with Neutrogena.

  5. I have this problem with skin picking my head in my hair so I can’t put bandage on it to stop it . It usually starts with pimple and ends with picking ms hair out in that area . Help!

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