Cream Cookies by Fastbuds Review

Cream Cookies by Fastbuds Review & Smoke Report
Autoflowering plant, fastbuds is claiming it is a Indica phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies….

idk about the genetic lineage but THIS STUFF IS DANK!

Some of the equipment I used to grow this strain:
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GREENLEAF MEGA CROP! MY FAV 1 PART NUTRIENT!Dry powder, scoop 1/2 tsp in 1 gal of water

Bud Explosion (Powder PK Boost 1/8tsp per gal/h20)
Sweet Candy (Powder Carb / K boost, 1/8tsp per gal/h20)


RECHARGE Beneficial Bacteria (Improves plant health, nutrient uptake, PH stability, helps prevent root rot & MORE)

Durable 1 Gal Watering Jug

I GROW IN COCO! Less risk of bugs than soil & this brand is SUPER high quality
Perlite (optional)

12 Gauge Plant Training Wire (LST)
Wire Cutters
Trichome Scope

My Main Setup
Super quiet 6” exhaust Fan
Odor Killing 6×16” Carbon Filter
Tripplite Plug Box
3 Gallon Fabric Pots
SUPER QUIET Oscillating Fan
Automated Water Pump/Timer

Tents I use
The 4×9 LAB
5×5 Tent (with no windows!)
2×4 Tent
2×2 Tent
1x1x2 NANO TENT!

Lights I Use
Message me for coupon codes/links for HLG, Meijiu, Alibaba LM301b LED lights!
Near SILENT Led Driver Cooling Fans
Light Meter to measure Canopy LUX Levels
Electricity Usage Monitor
Light Timer

Drying Accessories
Cheap 4” Inline Fan:
Smell Killer 4” Carbon Filter :

Bubble hash kit
Bubble Bags
Sink spray hose attachment
25 Micron drying mats
Compactor Press

AUTOMATED Curing Setup (s/o Derek G.!)
Air Pump
Air Tubing
GLASS Curing Containers
Glass Drill bit

Other things I use
Trimming gloves
Trimming & Defoliation Scissors
Harvest Storage
Fan Leaf Juicer
MOST EFFICIENT Reverse Osmosis Filter
Granite/Marble Drill Bit
PH Pen (although I rarely PH anymore thanks to megacrop!)
Nute Scoops
Germination Pods

Wire shelving rack

What do you think?

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  1. I wrote 2 weeks ago muy opinion on this. But I completely changed my mind. After dried 15 days I thought was just OK. ….but one month after curing….the taste is really much nicer and more complex. It looked a bit more of a strong smoke after a month too . It's quite relaxing but longlasting effect. Like dubxl said, everytime you smoke it does the desireed effect.. It definitely tastes now More similar to the girl scout cookies. Very nice. Actually I am growing It again. Nice yield too.

  2. I had good fun growing this plant. This plant eats and drinks a lot. Mine came with a taste and smell of OREO. Just exactly like the cookies. It's a light smooth smoke. But not my thing. Too light smoke. I prefer girl scout cookies. I just harvested a month ago my best fastbuds grow up to date. It was "original ak" and "lemon ak". Specially the original ak. Four beautyful plants. The stickiest autoflowers I have ever grown. Superb strong ak smoke. Two weeks had a pine flavour but in one month took a lot of spicy , earthy flavours. I could smoke that "Original ak" forever. Only downside is a sativa not a Huge Producer. I am a fan of girl scout cookies too. I am going to try blueberry , gorilla cookies and tangiematic now.

  3. An impressive and long growing cicle for an autoflower. It growed for more than a month. Huge plant. Day 50 now. II do indoor 50watts of leds for each plant. . Just formed flowers now. I think this is going to be more than 90.days. allways Very thirsty and nutrients very welcomed.

  4. Thanks for the review. I decided to try this one. And It's reallyfun to grow like you said. It started flowering about day 30-35. Quite long for an autoflower but I loved It. It gave time to grow a massive plant with lots of preflowers. Allways green allways healthy only with a rich soil. I just Hope flowering holds 50-60 humidity Range I have. Some strains do others don't.

  5. That is not cookies brother I am sorry. You are right that bud has a sativa bud structure and I have never seen a cookies cut like that. Smaller very dense nugs is typical and I have never seen anything that not super dense. Sounds like you got good lights, maybe if you added some additional red light spectrum to your grow it would help. Most LEDs have a red diode on them such as the photo boost lights by Cree. It could be why the nugs aren't as dense, it's crazy because I can't imagine that bud smelling or tasting like GSC. I am not saying it doesn't

  6. Hey, growing has just become legal in my country (Trinidad) so I'm going to start my first grow. I'm going to use fast buds seeds and use a combo of outside (30°C avg temp) growing outside in natural light then under a cheap led (grow bulb in reg lamp) to push the light hours to 20/4 in soil and coco medium mix, with advanced nutrients big bud, sugar daddy and voodoo root stimulant. Any tips and help will be greatly appreciated.

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