Cully – Aquafina (Official Music Video)

The Official Music Video for “Aquafina” by Cully.

Remixes of “Aquafina” On Vinyl August 8th, 2022!

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Cast & Crew:

Executive Producer & Concept Creator – Eric Cullen
Director & Cinematographer – Salvatore Rubino
Co-Director, Drone Pilot, and 360° Camera Op – Dave Prokopec
Editors – Salvatore Rubino & Eric Cullen
Additional Editing – Justin Babino
Producers – Salvatore Rubino, Dave Prokopec, Eric Cullen
Model – Kaliah Morris
Foot Model – Isabel Ferrel
’62 Chevy Impala Procured by Robert Henry at C.A.R.S. (Classic Auto Rental Services)
Car Handler – The Ineffable Jim Kirby
BTS Photographer #1 – Tristan Hughes
BTS Photographer #2 – Emily Pinto
Stills Photographer – Eric Cullen
Production Company – Reel Culture Media Group
Cully’s Jewelry courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent
Mr. Melon Man appears courtesy of Winn Dixie Supermarkets


Brings the drama
That I need

[Verse 1]
A yo
Getting sunburn on my dick, that’s a violation
Surfing on a earthquake be my vibration
Yeah I’m super high, hydrated
Sipping on some Fiji water, high-graded hydration
Sipping water like everyday
We gon’ get high in a big and a blurry way
We gon’ mix Thai, voila, and the curry today
We can get the Sunday scaries to scurry away

Lost and found it
Find the grounding
To my feet
So Im sipping my

Brings the drama
That I need
Singing Aqua
Body bottle
Genie of my dreams

[Verse 2]
Yo I was fronting on a beach like I was lying in the sand
And I was trying to keep the peace and now she crying in her hands
And now I’m trying to understand
All the lions and the lambs
I could be skiing in Dubai
I might go flying to Japan

When my brain melts
I just put sprinkles on top
When my brain melts I just put sprinkles on
And these calories are things I got to watch
Because like ice cream my brain it melts a lot
It’s too hot

CBD gummies be yummy they keep me funny
Feeling on the really oh really they keep me numby
Sugar mix with booger way way way down in my tummy
If that ain’t lovely that ain’t nothing

Brings the drama that I need
Baby bottle
Genie of my dreams

What do you think?

Written by Cully


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