I used CBD to help my calf and ankle injury that I picked up skateboarding.
I fell and hit my calf on a ledge and sprained my ankle as well. I continued to skate and walk around for the following four days, which was only made possible by the use of CBD patches that I had taken with me on holiday to Barcelona.
The patches really helped me manage the pain of the injury. If I wasn’t on holiday and was at home, I’d have rested my ankle and calf much more and would also have iced it properly.

Now that i’m back home i’m using the patches and resting my ankle and I can see the difference.

When I use the patches it helps with the pain a lot, and also helps manage the inflammation and speedy recovery.

I found the patches at
It’s actually pretty cool because because we get to plant trees with every packet. And i can shower with them on and they don’t fall off so the stick is pretty strong,

I put the patches on last night and went to sleep and my ankle felt better in the morning. I put an ankle support on as well to help stabalise.
Let’s see how the recovery goes throughout the week.

What do you think?

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