Delta-8 vs Delta-9 Edibles | Which Ones For You?

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  1. nice vid as always. I work at a CBD shop that has a variety of D8 edibles and a 160 mg chocolate bar honestly hits me TOO hard lol. D8 eddies are great and I think I'm right there with GP in that given the choice I think I'd rather go with D8 eddies more than D9.

  2. Delta 9 edibles made with distillate does nothing for me, I once ate 200-300mg worth of edibles and was barely faded. Tried Delta 8 edibles once and even tho it was short lived it got me high and I had a great nap.

  3. I like both but prefer Delta 9(Hemp) over Delta 8 in terms of effects but also Delta 8 gives me really bad cotton mouth!! My fave edibles so far are Live Rosin edibles by Hometown Hero

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