Does CBD oil cure separation anxiety in dogs? What about cheese addiction? (silly chihuahua video)

The chihuahuas find out if the internet’s love affair with CBD oil is justified!

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  1. My day is not complete until I watch Porter and Polly. I just love them! Both are adorable and so loved by their peeps. Hi to ur wife and baby!,

  2. It’s like with everything else it works at first then needs more and more over time to be really effective! That’s my take on it. Every time new products come out this one works for this or that???? So annoying

  3. What cheeze kills chihuahua ??? My Starr loves cheeze……explain $#@& I gave Starr cbd oil a vet gave it to me chihuahuas are known for hip displacia..

  4. Aww porter and polly miss daddy when he leaves we take milo with us every were we go have a beautiful day God bless you always my friend

  5. There's no cure for Polly and little Porter when they miss their dad..and there no substitution for little Porters cheese.. he's got to have it

  6. It's really great to see how much they love you how much they depend on you is really nice that you treat him very well and pollywog and can't forget the cats you guys are such nice people I can tell because animals do not like people that have a bad heart and you most certainly have one of the best I ever seen we love you and your animals I say animals because I don't want to miss any one of them I can't just say dogs or cats I want to include all of them they're all beautiful in their own way God bless you and take care of your pets please

  7. Personally I'm against anything like that for animals not saying it doesn't work , I'm just not sure I want my animals in that state of mind . Nelly is headed to the vet soon for her nails to be clipped yes she will be a bit scared and pissed off nothing a little TLC and some treats won't cure !!

  8. Porter says phworrrrrrrrr…..cheeeeez and Polly says, yes Dad, we missed you……a little bit lolol 😉

  9. Sorry Andy….there is no strain that will ease separation anxiety with Chihuahuas. The Budtenders at the Dispensary, absolutely love it when I bring Kona Boy with me. He still refuses treats they offer, lol !

  10. they both go crazy when you (dad) leaves the house. I LOVE Porter's ears when he notices that you have cheese in your hand his ears stick up that is sooooo adorable. I love big and long dogs ears that's just me.

  11. Porter said ….. "uh-uh, dad, stop listening to people on the interwebbings …. gimme da cheese, please."

  12. Omg I about lost it when Porter was in front of the door a put his head back and rolled it side to side and howled, sorry but so cute and funny

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