IS THERE A DIFFERENCE?!? DOG grooming clipper blades and comb attachments-what is the difference? How to properly use them? How to groom your dog like a professional! I put a demo together for you to demonstrate using snap on combs. I’ll be trimming a large Labradoodle named Diesel.

I want to make sure you understand you cannot use snap on combs to give your dog a hair cut if you have not properly prepared your dogs coat for trimming. This demo will show you exactly how to do that my friends!

Clipper comb attachments cannot stand up to clipper blades when it comes to trimming dog breeds with thicker coats such as Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Doodles and a lot of our favorite mixed breed dogs.
If your dog has a matted coat or an abundance of dead coat your will find using snap on comb attachments is not an option. They will not get through the coat and will snag and get caught in the tangles. Which leaves you only two options…To use a clipper blade that is short enough to get between the skin and the mats or De-mat your dogs coat prior to attempting to clip it.
De-matting is not something most novice groomers are capable of achieving successfully…. as this method takes years of practice and know how to safely accomplish a perfectly prepared coat for clipping.
It is not easy to groom your dogs hair without proper training. In fact, most people don’t even have the proper tools, let alone understanding how to use them correctly.  Any tools you can use to make it easier to give your dog a good looking hair cut is something of value to you and your pet.

The only downside to grooming with snap on combs, is that they may not leave the coat as long as you’d like it to be. The largest size guard combs in the wahl set is a 1 inch. IF you desire longer length of coat than that, you will have to learn to freehand cut…which is hand scissor trimming.  

The clipping technique is the same when using a blade or a guard comb. Blades leave a smoother finish where guard combs leave a little texture to the hair. In this video we start with dog grooming for beginners.

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  1. OMG! Not only does Diesel look exactly like my Goldendoodle Nola, but her father, a silver poodle's, name is Diesel!!! This was the best, by far, the best grooming video I have ever watched. Most videos don't give their secrets away. Thank you so much for a great tutorial!

  2. ———–Hi Amy I have a Andis AGC2 detachable clipper & Wahl combs. I have 2 doodles, 1 thick curly coat mats easily & other long straighter coat. Whats the difference in using a 5 reversal & a 5F vs using 10 blade & E comb? Purchased 5 & 5F for a 1/4" cut, now not sure if I needed these or not.

  3. In the beginning, you said "get your questions ready!" No need! You are so thorough and informative, not just about what you are presently doing, but explaining every facet of the task–the why's, how's, what if's, and so on's. 5 Stars!

  4. Bought the Kenchii Flash clipper. Worked for 5 mintes. Would not charge or run when plugged in. Returned to company. Replacement clippers worked once. Next time it worked for 5 minutes again and stopped. Getting frustrated. Have others had this problem? I have a maltipoo who is now only partially clipped.

  5. Hello, I'm following you from Romania. I would have liked to have been in your country to have come to do some courses with you, but it's not possible. I have been living in Brussels for 18 years now. videos and it turned out pretty well for the first time I will watch you with pleasure and I like you as you explain even if I am not an English speaker

  6. I have a oneinall clipper with snap on combs the the dial has 0.8 mm 1.4 and 2.0 mm combs 3 6 9 12 15 &18 mm . Please help I have toy poodles. It's hard to get the top knot ears and tail. Also the body. Thank you ❤️

  7. "We're going to talk about that." Well, f'in TALK about it! Don't blether back and forth and around and about. Start by: this is the x . Before you use it do this. Then use this tool in this way. Then do this. Stop talking about what you're GOING to talk about! Yeesus!

  8. I am getting ready to purchase a #5 and #3 blade. I have taken dog grooming courses so I do have some knowledge. I have read that people just starting out grooming their dogs should use the blades labeled FC. Would you agree?

  9. Need some help have a yorkie that lets me groom him the star makes me frighted to groom her is there anything i can do to help me please love all your videos only found your channel last week I am in Scotland

  10. What’s your best clipper? I’m using a “ cordless” clipper right now that I’m liking… but I’m always open for a better one… you mentioned a new one coming in may? Let us know please❣️really like your video! I’ve been grooming for YEARS and do lots of bouviers and terriers…

  11. Hi! I have a Whoodle – and I think he has a double coat, I don't know. He's super soft but curly and matts easily. What clipper blades should I use? I also worry they get hot on him. I looked at the chart you linked to and it doesn't have Whoodle. It has the soft coated wheaten (which he's curlier than) and and a poodle with different style cuts. I like more of a teddy look on him with a terrier beard/face. Thanks! Love your videos they're super helpful.

  12. yes!thank you i needed a visual! i just ordered the km10 and the wahl SS combs… but they dont come with a longer comb beyond 1"… Do you know if i can find a 1.5 and 2" comb attachment for the km10? (hoping to keep the coat of my doodle longer)
    also do you have a video on how to groom a doodle with longer coat?
    thank you!

  13. Just purchased km10 2 speed clipper
    I groom my Shizu and my Bichon what accessories blades and clip ones do I need
    Loving your wealth of knowledge and your willingness to share
    Debbie. South Carolina

  14. My golden doodle has long leg hair, 1". After brushing should I trim his legs before bathing? How should I trim this long hair, and how much? He is changing from a smooth black puppy and now a 2 year old silver haired doodle. It is frizzier hair. Thank you for all this info. Claude loves being home groomed! He is a service dog.

  15. For a newbie (me) and my aussiedoodle I think my groomer uses an Andis pro Clip with a 0 or 000 blade with a 1 inch comb for my dogs body. I wanted about an 1 inch length left. Does this sound right? I will still use groomer just want to extend visits another 2 weeks. Wonderful videos you have made… Thank you so much for replies from anyone.

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