Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Investigate CBD Company (Part 5)

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Dr. Phil teams up for the first time with bestselling author, heart surgeon, and Emmy Award-winning host of The Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, to take on and fight internet fraudsters who have stolen their names and likenesses to endorse CBD products. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz work to get the word out that they have never endorsed or sold any CBD products. Both doctors talk with Dr. Salimpour Pedram at a Los Angeles laboratory where some of the falsely marketed products were tested – what did those tests reveal? As part of their joint investigation, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz also interview William Teller, an actor hired to pose as the owner of one CBD company – and you won’t believe what they learn! Internet Scam Investigator Chris Durst discusses how she helped to locate William Teller. They also talk to two viewers who say they were scammed by fake endorsements … and one of them wants to tell Dr. Phil why she blamed him! Retired FBI agent and Cybercrime Expert Scott Augenbaum offers advice to avoid scams and action tips for scam victims. Finally, meet Alex, who thought she got a new job but actually fell victim to an employment scam.

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  1. That was what I went through with that makeup airbrush company, Luminess Air. For some reason, when I purchased it automatically set me up with a $40 per month makeup subscription I never wanted. I guess it was in that very fine print I never saw. Then, was told if I sent back the makeup I would get refunded so I sent it back and called months later. Never got refunded and it was sa waste of time, energy and SO FRUSTRATING. I’m so mad I allowed myself to go there and by from a tv infomercial online! Such a bad experience. These companies are so unethical

  2. CBD does help and is an AMAZING medicine…..the pharmaceutical industry is horrible yes it is good to have medicines in CERTAIN cases…but there are ALOT of medicines out there tht are worse for you than the reason you are taking it…..if u look at any pharmacy commercials they r all actors and lies… to come at CBD because it's a plant and doesn't have any side-effect and doesn't kill or make people addicted…..pharmaceutical companies are scared because CBD and Marijuana is a plant and would make medicine easier because you can grow it… look at Colorado, Michigan, etc. And they are thriving and making their state a better place because of not only the money, but help MANY with medical problems in an organic way that actually works…there is so many chemicals in medicines you get from pharmacy industries…and with doctors just writing prescription out without a care and causing more harm then not…..i use to be a fan of these two men. Now I will not give any support and will talk my opinions whenever someone mentions you, Dr. Phil and Dr.Oz…..CBD is the future, the bright, better, healthier future.

  3. Hey y’all make sure you always get CBD from a licensed cannabis shop. CBD that’s sold online and in stores is derived from Hemp which isn’t as effective!! 30:1 3:1 or 1:1 for a bit of thc is all great for pain. Oil for overall/anxiety etc, topicals like balms and lotions for localized pain. Stay safe out there y’all. ❤️

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