Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Investigate CBD Products (Part 2)

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Dr. Phil teams up for the first time with bestselling author, heart surgeon, and Emmy Award-winning host of The Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, to take on and fight internet fraudsters who have stolen their names and likenesses to endorse CBD products. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz work to get the word out that they have never endorsed or sold any CBD products. Both doctors talk with Dr. Salimpour Pedram at a Los Angeles laboratory where some of the falsely marketed products were tested – what did those tests reveal? As part of their joint investigation, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz also interview William Teller, an actor hired to pose as the owner of one CBD company – and you won’t believe what they learn! Internet Scam Investigator Chris Durst discusses how she helped to locate William Teller. They also talk to two viewers who say they were scammed by fake endorsements … and one of them wants to tell Dr. Phil why she blamed him! Retired FBI agent and Cybercrime Expert Scott Augenbaum offers advice to avoid scams and action tips for scam victims. Finally, meet Alex, who thought she got a new job but actually fell victim to an employment scam.

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  1. The sign in the foyer says "True North Testing". I checked and there is VERY little information on this company. There is a cannabis testing company in Los Angeles with this name, but it appears to have no website, no address, and no other information. I found one person that works there on Linkedin. I tried to get the lab guy's name, but couldn't decipher what Oz said. I also doubt that the screen showing the heavy metals in the product is an actual results screen. I'm sure it was made for TV.

    And as far as cannabis being a plant that absorbs the stuff it's grown in, guess what. So does every other plant you eat, and I doubt that your broccoli has been tested for heavy metals. CBD needs regulation, without a doubt, and these two should sue the pants off the companies using their names and drive them out of business. If you're going to scare people, list the names of the manufactures of these deadly cocktails with proof of their toxicity. Due diligence.

  2. Heres the problem theyre not talking about proper cbd products, they are talking about scams. People who dont grow properly. They grow for money not for quality, im only on this part so i hope they clarify actual proper cbd products are great for many things. Ive seen people with my own eyes working in the cannabis industry in canada that it gives people a way better quality of life than half the pharmaceutical drugs. But also you need the a ratio of thc in there. Not much but enought so your cannabinoids are working how they should.

  3. Let's be clear about something. Heavy metals are in EVERYTHING!!!!
    Pesticides are in EVERYTHING!!!! If you buy produce at Wal-Mart or any conventional grocery store that doesn't sell certified organic produce, you are consuming pesticides and heavy metals.
    It's more than valid what the doctor says about the concentration of lead in that particular item, but it makes no sense to single out CBD products in general. It's ironic that the subject here is scammers because Dr. Phil is relying on a false sense of urgency here – not to scam you, but to convince you of an all-encompassing truth based on one example.

  4. I knew this would get a lot of negative comments. The whole world does weed. I don't personally. I'm staying off that stuff for the most part. Man, people go nuts when they're in withdrawal! I've known people who lied, stole, begged, borrowed, bullied, all in the name of weed. Sadly, it ends relationships. Also, out of 4 people I used to know addicted to weed, 2 ended up at a psychiatric hospital! Another one tried to hang theirself with a shoestring. I am Not joking. Not. Joking. Needless to say, I was forced to sever all communication with them. The main contention was – weed! They will take your money for it, lie to you for it, smoke it in your vehicle even though you said no, go bananas in withdrawal, etc., yet I notice: weed smokers are very self-righteous about it all. They even use "Bible" as their "approval" to smoke it. Anyway, you're gonna get a lot of flack for this. The whole world is on drugs, and weed is more common than candy now. Some people don't even call it a drug. By the way, a lot of people died in Los Angeles. Somebody sold spiced weed. People bought it and smoked it, unknowingly. Sad.

  5. Him talking about stuff from the soil getting sucked into the plant is TRUE. It's also true for our FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. So…take it w a grain of salt y'all

  6. I work in a recreational dispensary located in Canada and I’ve had many middle aged and elderly costumers who have came in claiming they have seen these scams. So upsetting:((

  7. I mean this is great and all but not indicative of every cbd company. Sure this company that is scamming people might not care about their product but I know many growers and companies that do.

  8. So now we see that Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are complete SELLOUTS! Had a hint
    of it when I saw the hocking various products on their show. I wonder
    how much big pharma paid them to discredit the CBD industry. Disgusting.

  9. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching dr Phil shows but I wouldn’t take his advice on anything medical. He’s not even licensed. They’re both media pawns or they say things based off of their own opinions like they’re facts.

  10. Not to discredit their investigation but it would be more interesting to test products from more "credited" sellers, and not random fly by night sellers. Those are more prevalent in my area, and they are extremely popular.

  11. This is so transparent. All of the things they note are in everything you consume to varying degrees (a) both pissed off that people are using their names selling products without giving them money (b) the company are pitching their equipment/technology for testing products for human consumption like CBD.

  12. Ok so not all products are like this… just some and go get everything tested. Seems like an issue with the system not the cbd itself.

    Seems like we need more oversight at state level from pro weed people and less fear mongers with scare titles…

    Michigan makes everything get tested that’s sold in dispensarys

    It’s why the industry has grown so slowly since they began the newest level of regulations. It’s made weed more expensive here. But the quality of product is much higher. I’ve also paid out of pocked to get my products tested and they all come back fine

    I’m immuno compromised and raising a child so I don’t have time to get sick

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