DW Sister Mary Shares Her Hypothesis As To "Why Summer Wells Went Missing"

Mary (Don Wells Sister) Clears up Don Wells lies from his recent appearance on the behavior Panel. As well shares her opinions as to what happened to Summer on June 15th 2021

The Interview Room with Chris McDonough – Case Updates

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  1. Summer relatives need to fess up know theses facts: Mothers, female relatives are most likely to abduct children
    A higher number of children are abducted by family members in the United States than previously thought. A new study suggests mothers and female relatives are most often the perpetrators. I speculate Grandma distracts Candus in the trailer and those women(Dons relatives) got her. Set up job. Summer is in Utah. Go look there. Law enforcement needs to search those homes. Carlie trent of rogersville missing was found with a relative, the uncle kept her in his home.

  2. WOW no wonder that other guy was eager to help DW take down TIR since I think he was also a child sa. This whole thing would make sense. I never could figure out the significance of why he would go to the shed to see if she was there and why they were so adamant that she was taken.

  3. It was between this and the accident theory, it might be a combination of the two. They “stole” summer and the camera. I would like more information about that camera Don claims the someone took?

  4. Victoria Martins was a child that was being sa’d by her mom and boyfriends. She was killed, and dismembered. The parents I think were charged for the dismemberment but there was a man that they claimed had been pointed to for a murder whom they didn’t know. This theory mirrors the Victoria Martins murder. In the south. White supremacy latent. Meth involved. Long term SA. LE Couldn’t charge anyone either. CPS miss.

  5. The theory fits with the strange behaviour of Don going to the shed area first. He allegedly saw the boys and a neighbour it was then that he knew Summer was gone. I think he knew because he checked that shed .

  6. The shed EXACTLY, the shed where pick up and delivery happens, where meth is cooked and he speaks to his friends via the shed — V — Behind The Shed say YOU'RE GUILTY! Sick Donnie whaaa whaaa. Ugh!

  7. Mary's theory has crossed my mind before but I never wanted to believe it. However, at this point we have to put it on the table and take a hard look. Mary knows Don better than anyone and if she feels he is capable of something like this then we have to take that seriously. My heart breaks for Summer thinking of all that she is and has endured at the hands of these monsters that were supposed to protect her.

  8. im not sure what way it might have unfolded the day summer went missing but If Don wasnt home then Candus (if anyone) would then be supposed to take summer to a drop off ( shed, road , wherever it might have been ) ..but within the relatively short possible time to conclude that summer was not returning and was in fact needing to be reported to le… i don't know how long to make that call but its just never looked realistic to me …

  9. Yeah, it's the only way Don can so confidently insist she was kidnapped from the beginning. It also explains his seemingly bizarre thoughts about Summer being dead or trapped in a basement. I just want to remind people there are recovery places for people who have been HT or ST. Please consider supporting them if you can. Better yet, let's start making it ok for people to come forward and talk about this issue. Also, people who are ST or HT can come in all forms. When people list those who are vulnerable to it or at risk, remember that disabled children/persons can also be trafficked. They are at substantial risk. There is little research that tracks the follow through with what happens to these kids after recovery which makes one wonder where they end up. I fear they may end up back into the ST cycle. Or simply placed somewhere untreated. Additionally, most centers are not educated on disabilities enough to assist in their recovery in the same way they would others. This is domestic and internationally. We need help in this uncharted territory within the HT/ST recovery. Not to be Debbie Downer but it's true and it's real. If I have to face it, so should others.
    Sorry for the novel, lol.

  10. It hurts my heart Mary feels as though she has to keep defending herself when the initial trauma was so horrific. Don is a fool if he thinks TBP doesn't know about all this other shite. Hurry up and get Don out of the oven before he burns!

  11. I honestly hope that Summer is found sooner than later and can be laid to rest or het whatever help she may need if she is found alive and these monsters are out behind bars. Imo i dont think she us still with us unfortunately but i hope le gets the evidence and whatever and whoever is responsible is handled

  12. Mary's theory is exactly what I have been thinking! They want to keep talking about a scream that was heard at 4:30pm that doesn't even fit their own time line. They conveniently leave that part out of their story. Then Don lies about who the SA accusations were about so that he can deny it. He looks guiltier every time he opens his mouth!

  13. Chris is correct! Thousands have drawn strength from Jeanie and Mary….I am one of them and it has been very liberating to tell my story, to let go of the shame and stigma that comes with being a victim of SA. It is an amazing thing to witness so many survivors find their voice and pull together ❤

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