Episode 38: White Privilege

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The boys discuss white privilege.

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  1. The state is not worthy of pedestal status if you mean the government. The idea of what the “state” has, can, and will bring people does deserve pedestal status.

  2. I always ask this. What specifically are we not teaching that kids need to know about. The Tulsa massacre I will concede. I’m from The Tulsa area and it is just not ever talked about in schools or anywhere. But who isn’t taught about slavery, Indians being driven out ect? You can’t teach every specific event. There isnt enough time.

  3. 2:30 in. The admission of living in a different world. Good starting point. Now listen to the plight of people not in your world and try to see it outside of your bubble. Matt isn't affected by many of the topics because they do not impede his world

  4. I've been in a more diverse area where being white was dangerous unless you were accompanied or known of by one of your friends. I understand now how my privilege threatened their safe place, but as a younger adult, I was deeply upset because my family is interracial. Thank you both for the episode, was a very calm one. Lol

    I love that my right to love as a lesbian is comparable to accidental death/suicide. Thanks, Matt. I feel so welcomed by the church once more.

    Ryan, I can't wait for the episode. Thank you in advance. ALSO – KANSAS JUST PASSED ACCESS TO ABORTION! It's a win for us! Another state to come to for help!

  5. Conservatives play the Brown people our coming for u to the rural and suburbs. Their going to take your jobs, while the same farmer our hiring undocumented people.

  6. " you cant blame it on white privilege, you have to blame it on society". What informs societal norms??? Is there is such a thing as white priviledge then it means they are on top and as such they have gotten away with dictating policies that have greatly benefited whites. Society is amorphous it takes the shape of whatever forces mold it.

  7. CRT talks not only about the recognition of other cultures inside America but also recognizing the true history of these United States. History should not be inspirational, it should be informative. The moment history becomes inspirational then it has become propaganda. White privilege starts by the negation of history, it revolves around a missed informed ultra nationalism which is completely against multiculturalism and the acceptance of the fact that 1st generation immigrants "Will Never" be able to fully integrate to a new society. Integration is something that happens generationally. Its not like a test you study towards.

  8. Antifa or Antifascists exist for the expressed purpose of derailing fascist movements marching through the streets of America. This has nothing to do with white privilege in the sence you speak of. Antifa uses violence towards these groups because fascist violence literally means the elimination of racial minorities.

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