Finally get to drive my civic si

Finally get to drive my civic si after almost a month. I forgot what vtec felt like. As most of you know, I’ve been busy with the new job and away from home, but this video was exciting to make! More coming soon, maybe supercharger or turbo car, stay tuned.

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  1. Just watched the whole series on you removing the motor. Great work!! I need a new motor in my 9th gen and was thinking of doing it myself. Do you know if it's possible to take it out the top like you did with the 8th gen?? I'm getting conflicting info on that topic.

  2. thanks for another update vid Gerb. Glad to see the trucking is working out for you. Good looks also on waiting to buy a daily. Most people jump the gun on decisions like that. Cant wait to see the future of midnight.

  3. Boosting a all motor car will lead to reliability issues down the road. Going 10th gen Si over the Fk8 type R will be alot cheaper and you can mod it to your liking. I can't justify paying 40-50k for a Used civic type-r with hard driven miles on em. But ultimately it's your choice. I'd rather a 10th gen Si which is half the cost of a type r and still have money to buy a home or condo

  4. Imo hybrid racing is the best CAI, its 3.5 inch, comes with a battery relocation kit, has a hydrolock bypass, and will give you the best whp increase over other intakes

  5. 2 things for you… #1 the housing market right now is horrible atleast for the next 6 months so don't buy. #2 get something with big power potential like a LS/LT car or gen 3 coyote. 400 horse is ok but gets old quick

  6. AEM shot ram intake use a coupler adapter and run a slightly oversized cone style filter and leave or re install your old fender stock airbox system but only in the fender so the stock fender system that feeds the oem airbox that's deleted is a free flowing pipe, the normal high flow of air floods the engine bay from the open piping in the fender with no oem airbox connected. Big gains. Burns fuel more efficiently on short ram, sounds better, throttle response better. no worries about snow/rain. I live in Florida where it's over a hundred on a daily basis. Never had heat soak or power loss. Cold air 2 feet below the engine with a filter with covers/dispensers in it is so restrictive and the ambient air is cooler with that system installed rather than a cold air being jammed in a fender. Shorter the pipe the less length the air needs to travel…less restrictive means more power. I would obviously buy a kraftwerks kit if I had 5 grand to spend because of its simplicity. You could build a cheap turbo kit and would make for way better content. Imagine the maiden voyage when it hits boost!!! As for a daily…s2000 would be my hunt or either that or a really nice retro mint JDM 90's car. Keep pushing gerb I remember subscribing when midnight had her OG engine and you had do it yourself fix it videos with the odd race In Mexico and now check the status. You're doing well boss. Honda Nation.

  7. man i know you miss midnight, same feeling I have right now. Car is about to go into the body shop to get some work done and I haven't been able to drive it for the past 3 weeks. (FD2)

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