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Hey Oddballs!

Today we finally try THC-O!! We are super excited we was able to get our hands on this cartridge so we can give our opinion on the product!! Comment down below and let us know if you have gotten a chance to try it and what you think about this new THC-O!!

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  1. I stopped fucking wit D8 because real talk there is only a small amount of D8 in cannabis. Idk if we're supposed to put that shit in our lung full throttle. Chemical shit. We don't know what that shit will do to our cannaboid system. I only fuck wit what God put it the ground.

  2. Check out 3chi’s thco, i find that it has more effects

    Also, with thco, i find that holding it in for a long time makes a huge difference, unlike with other thcs

    Edit: i prefer d8 because that’s all i can use because of legality

  3. Personally, I feel the weed industry is going to get weed back into the prohibition laws if it keeps looking for ways to make stronger weed. Which will piss me the fuck off. Waited all these years to legally high again and all I hear is how strong can we make it, how high can we get. How high do you need to be man. If you smoke enough to need more in order to get high, you are overusing it. Just my opinion.

  4. d8 is great for calming anxiety i feel at peace when i smoke it like CBD, d9 is great for parties special occasions and if ur trying to knock tf out, its super strong. too strong for me in some circumstances haha.

  5. Thc o is synthesized ( like k2 spice etc). Don’t smoke that shit. Got a D8 cart. QR code read almost 95 percent thc o. Said the fuck is that. Called smoke shop. Dude has a buddy that works in a lab. He called me back not even ten minutes later and said that it’s not real. Check your shit. I didn’t get it from the smoke shop I called. I was just curious. I asked him if he would smoke it bc he was gonna buy one that day when he got off Bc they just got the thc o carts. He said nah after finding that out. Be safe with your stuff out there

  6. I got a sample of this from a guy on Reddit who said he'd be supplying to CannaClear and a few others…I ate about half a gram of it and I honestly hadn't been that high since I started smoking D9. It seems to last quite a while. Very promising cannabinoid.

    I'm going to lean slightly towards D8, just because it's slightly more cost-effective and can get me as good as D9 with the best products. (Last thing I got was Puro Cannagars' blunts – I used y'all's promo code and it's the best D8 flower I've had by far, so thank you for that.)

    My favorite video is the D8 spray…legendary delayed reaction.

  7. Hey guys you should try utoya thc-0 /delta 8 flower ,they have created a new method to infuse the dab into the bud, the effects are great and the quality is superb ,utoya is leading the hemp side .

  8. I prefer the feeling of d8 for sure. But just need to know what the extract all contains. Chems bleaches etc. unlike the high from d9 where it comes from the dirt and ain’t been fucked with.

  9. I used to love the delta 8 simple syrup, made me “happy” lol all day an gave me a good body high as well, unfortunately they just banned delta 8 were I’m at. Hope they bring it back sometime soon but till then I’ll be just fine with the delta 9

  10. Please keep in mind everyone this is SYNTHETIC THCO is not naturally occurring in cannabis like delta 8 which delta 8 is technically not extracted directly either but converted from a cbd extract. However THCO is not the same case it can only be made through a full synthetic process and is an analog of thc. Honest marijuana has a full article that explains.

  11. D8 is so hard on the lungs after I take a couple dabs of D8 my lungs won't even hardly allow me to vape some e-liquid and that is the problem with doing D8 and I really have a hard time catching a buzz from it can you tell me which is better to buy in cart form the D10 or the THC-O because the prices on carts have gotten really expensive. I have a high tolerance when it comes to getting anything out of a product and I have to medicate with a good amount. I am a new subscriber as of today so, thanks for the review and any info you might be able to give me, peace.

  12. Lol delta 9 will always be my perfect place to for my head change just the smell,taste, and I don't feel like I'm slowly dying from the bad chemical taste from those delta 8 carts.

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