Free Cannabis Oil: Archer's win

A young perth boy battling several serious medical conditions has had a big win. Archer Johnson’s family were pushed to the brink to pay for expensive cannabis oil to treat him – but they’ll now get it for free.

What do you think?

Written by madmin


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  1. iam so happy hes going to be ok now its like some thing grand came out of the dark and said here,now iam 54 i dont have long for this life and iam so addictive to the drugs they give you at the doctors,it too late for me but to hear some one like this getting the help they need and no cost to there family well its a blessing.thank you Australia for waking up just that little bit.

  2. As it should be made free to families such as Archers. How they're even allowed to keep a medicinal plant from us is beyond me. People need to stop looking at cannabis as just a way to get high. Although that's great lol it has many other amazing benefits. And like someone else commented, we're not asking for hand outs etc, just let us do it ourselves. Love what you guys do Cannabis Club Australia. I'm in Sydney ✌❤

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