Full Body Kettlebell Workout – Ep5 – 22 Mins | Kettlebell Workout | EMOM Workout | full body workout

Welcome to this full body kettlebell workout. We have 8 exercises today with 2 rounds of action. This workout will take you 22 minutes to complete and will work the entire body in the process.

This full body workout has been done as an EMOM workout once again, as many reps as possible within 45 seconds, with 15 second rest.

This is a great kettlebell workout for beginners all the way through to advanced levels. Please follow along with me and have a great kettlebell workout!


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Time stamp
0:00 -Intro
1:06 – workout introduction
1:58 – workout begins
3:03 – Hip tap rotation
4:03 – One arm row
5:03 – Swap sides & repeat
6:03 – Overhead lift with hips up
7:03 – Racked kettlebell forearm lift
8:03 – Swap sides & repeat
9:03 – Squat, one arm lift & hold
10:03 – Swap sides & repeat
11:03 – Chest press with hips up
12:03 – Kettlebell lunge & pass through
13:03 – Swap sides & repeat
14:03 – ROUND 2
15:03 – Hip tap rotation
16:03 – One arm row
17:03 – Swap sides & repeat
18:03 – Overhead lift with hips up
19:03 – Racked kettlebell forearm lift
20:03 – Swap sides & repeat
21:03 – Squat, one arm lift & hold
22:03 – Swap sides & repeat
23:03 – Chest press with hips up
24:03 – Kettlebell lunge & pass through
25:03 – Swap sides & repeat
26:15 – Outro

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  1. "As many reps as possible" zum Glück haben wir noch Videos von Johannes Kwella, Alex Crockford und Trainer Hub auf YouTube, sonst würde ich nicht mit der Kettlebell trainieren, da ich nicht im Accord trainieren will.

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