Getting Stoned with Seniors in Seattle

Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users in the country, and they’re finding more ways to use it than ever before.

For a look at the relationship some seniors have with the drug, VICE visited a Seattle nursing home that takes its residents on field trips to a local dispensary—sitting in on their lesson about cannabis, checking out what products they buy, and lighting up with an elderly woman who gets high to ease her chronic illness.

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Written by madmin


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  1. My great grandmother uas Parkinson ive been trying to convince her to go one day without having to shake, she believes she'll sweat a pill out and smell. I gave it up trying. But I'm sure one day before she passes, she's gotta wanna feel young again somehow.

  2. "When I first moved in here they played Bingo and they played stupid games like that…I mean they're fun, I'm not knocking it…but you know…I like to use my brain." <– what a roast!

  3. When I retire in 17 months you bet I will . Illegal here in Indiana but my neighbor sells it and Illinois is 20 miles . My doctor told me , " I know you cant now but when you retire you should use marijuana , you could get off most the meds you take . " I told her , " Well you're the doctor " lol

  4. My dream is to teach an old person every single thing about how to save your weed clean your pieces roll a joint literally just wanna convert some old personinto a stoner

  5. Lol I've smoked weed with like half my family (majority of my family cuz a large part of my family is kids)
    The best person I've ever smoked with is my grandpa lol

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