HCC Gummy Pipe + taste testing

Today we are going to do a few new things on this episode…
1. Try HCC gummies
2. Make a gummy pipe

First I have never tried HCC Gummies so that is a new experience for both of us. Second this will be one of if not the smallest things I have ever smoked out of!

I appreciate having new experiences and being able to share them with you. If your ready to make some magic I’m ready to get going!

Sit tight and get ready for a WILD RIDE!!!


What do you think?

Written by Master Bong


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  1. What it do master. Master. Master bong here. Hope you've been good brother I've been watching since about 2011ish? Back when the weed wars show was on tlc even tho it's lasted a little lmao. Hope you continue to drop consistent

  2. LP reacted d ryt way, she is Virginee.Uno need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsv. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

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