Head Change #10 – Niki Connor

Niki Connor is a certified professional chef, certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, Nutrition Consultant, model, Internationally certified water judge, co-host of ‘Around The World TV’, and former professional athlete. Parlaying her formal health, nutrition and culinary education, athletic background, International upbringing, extensive travels, and passion for improving the lives of others, she has created a viable socially responsible enterprise.
Connor’s upbringing in Tokyo, Japan and San Diego, California along with extensive International travel has inspired her to learn more about different cultures and appreciate worldwide cuisine. Her experience as both a chef and health and nutrition counselor ranges from cooking to prevent and fight diseases to working with models, Oscar-winning actors, professional athletes, families, and Fortune 500 executives. As a Health & Nutrition Counselor, Connor focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. While Connor is a vegan, she focuses on bio-individuality with clients and creates customized nutrition programs inspired by their personal preferences to help them achieve long-term results.
After studying and working in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area as a personal chef, private chef, and health and nutrition counselor, Connor is now based in Los Angeles and is following her passion for helping heal others and the culinary arts.

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[00:33:35] CBD Topically

[00:35:12] The Marriage of Eastern & Western Medicine

[00:50:52] Infused Cannabis and Herb Oils

[00:54:09] Delta-11-THC (Edibles)

[00:58:53] Raw Cannabis

01:06:43] Healing People with Food

[01:07:57] Phychedlic Mushrooms

[01:11:51] God & Spirituality

[01:14:01] Ayahuasca

[01:16:26] Deepak Chopra

[01:20:55] What Came First, Cannabis or The Endocannabinoid System?

[01:25:42] The Medicine Men

[01:28:06] Plant Teachers

[01:29:16] Food Intelligence


Niki: So much energy. And it’s it was weird because I mean, I live in LA now, which I lived here before and it’s like the best environment for my lifestyle and my job because I work with people in Hollywood who are on, like the craziest diets, but when I was in New York, you know, winter would come, and people would be so depressed and have no energy and they’d say, I don’t understand how you have. All this energy to do all the stuff. And I said, number one vegan, I’m eating a lot of plants number two your vitamin D deficient because we’re on the East Coast where they were not getting a lot of sunlight. So you’ve to consume foods that are high in vitamin D or you know, supplement that way and I got all these people on vitamin D and all of a sudden they’re like yeah our energies back. But I definitely remember when I first went full vegan my family thought I was insane, they thought it’s like one of Nikki’s phases, let’s see how long this lasts.

Levi: That’s usually the reaction people have.

Niki: Yeah, my parents made fun of me. I go to Holiday Gatherings and they would, you know, tease me like, oh, you can eat that and don’t say I don’t want to so I don’t care. Like I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of something. I have no desire to ever eat any of that stuff again because the longer you’re away from bad things, the less you want it. And I tell that to clients too, I’m like look, I have a lot of clients who eat me, they are not, I don’t try to turn everyone vegan. I believe in leading by example. So when I say, hey, this changed my life. It’s made my life better if you want to follow cool. If not, like, I can just give you advice on how to add more plants to your diet, because plant power improves everyone’s life. But I would say, the more you add like the good organic produce to your life unless you’re going to want fast food, the less you’re going to want to eat bad things and going by how you were on tour, having all that energy, I went to a doctor and got blood work done and they were like, even your potassium levels are good. And I was like, oh thanks. And they thought that I was younger than I am. It was like I was aging backwards.

Levi: Wow.

Niki: That’s when I knew this is what’s up.

Levi: Yeah, I’ve heard of that, you know YouTube you can find anything. But I have seen these people that have adopted a holistic lifestyle change. So, even beyond diet, but incorporating exercise, and meditation, and just really a complete 180 on their entire life and they reverse age. Like they’ll be like here I am at 30 and I look like shit and here I am at 40 and I look like an athlete, you know.

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