How CBD OIL Is Made?

CBD has been embraced by people around the world for its variety of benefits and incredible natural properties. To make an educated decision, it’s important to understand how CBD is made. In this video, we’ll take a look into how CBD oil is made as well as the different types of CBD. After watching this video you should have a much better understanding of the making of CBD oil and thus be able to better choose what is the right CBD product for you.
CBD is a cannabinoid found in both cannabis, marijuana, and industrial hemp. Along with other cannabinoids found in the plant, it acts on your endocannabinoid system. This molecular system is responsible for regulating many processes in the body like immune response, communication between the cells, metabolism, and much more. CBD doesn’t get you high unlike THC.
CBD oil is made from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is a herbaceous species that has been grown throughout history and has been used for a variety of purposes including recreational reasons.
So how does a plant get converted into a potent bottle of CBD oil? When it comes to CBD oil extraction there is not just one process. There are two main types of extraction methods, ethanol extraction, and CO2 extraction.
Ethanol extraction is probably the most popular CBD extraction method since it’s safe, simple, and effective. In this method ethanol (high-grade grain alcohol) is used as a solvent to separate CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant. Ethanol is considered a safe and clean solvent, unlike others such as butane. It is also time efficient.
The other main type of extraction process is CO2 extraction or supercritical CO2 extraction. This method involves using carbon dioxide that is under very low temperatures and extremely high pressure to strip the hemp flower of all cannabinoids and terpenes. CO2 extraction is precise and is able to produce some of the purest cannabinoid extracts if it is done properly.

It is considered safe, gentle, and environmentally friendly.

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