How Does The Cannabis Industry Work? – Chris Walsh | Modern Wisdom Podcast 333

Chris Walsh is the CEO and President of Marijuana Business Daily and an industry trend analysis.

People are claiming that cannabis will be the next gold rush industry. After it grew by nearly 50% in 2020, that seems even more likely. Chris knows everything about the world of weed, so we get the inside scoop on this rapidly growing industry.

Expect to learn how weed is somehow illegal federally but legal at the state level, why THC suppositories are a thing, whether there will be a psychedelics industry, what to expect from the next few years of legalisation and much more…

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. It's legal in the states because of the tenth amendment, there is no law federal wise that make cannibas illegal. I was an owner/grower in Colorado it sucks in that state because of over regulations. This guy does not understand constitution law.

  2. The USA is a Federation with the power going to the People and the State Legislature. It's why the Biden admin is full steam Tyrannical, in appearance, because the US election can be overturned and Trump reinstated. The education system intentionally stopped teaching civics.

  3. Farms are being built all over Oklahoma. Especially Cherokee, McIntosh and Muskogee Counties. Unfortunately it's foreigners and rich people from other states that are moving in.

  4. In states with cannabis prohibition AND medical weed, the legal contradictions are truly mind bending. In MN i am extorted by the government into either buying their 3x overpriced products, or being considered a criminal for what they themselves have defined as MEDICINE.

    For a typical citizen: plant matter is decriminalized but concentrates are felony level drugs.
    For a registered medical user: plant matter is CRIMINALLY ILLEGAL, concentrates are all you can legally buy, and for several times the price as in other states.

  5. 7:00 well then he is an idiot. It's called the 10th amendment to the Constitution. Unless something is enumerated in the Constitution, the federal government does not have the authority to regulate it, such as in state weed growing, sales, and consumption.
    This is in fact how America was supposed to function, with each state being a semi sovereign republic able to work on issues independently to either find better solutions or find solutions the people of that state want, rather than a federal hegemony

  6. After it went from medical to "legal" the price tripled, restrictions were put on amounts and types (medical patients 100% thrown under the bus), it's just another corporate/government gripped scam now.

  7. It's all messed up and I like it. I myself have 3 4×4 grow tents each with two powerful full spectrum LED's. Legality means nothing to me I'm just doing my thing. It's so crazy how lucrative it is. I have calculated that it cost me right around .75 cents a gram. I live in a not cannabis friendly state, but I live 3 blocks from a recreation state.
    I'm able to under cut the so called legal stuff by more than 40% and still more than double my money. There is a reason the west coast states ship more product east than they keep in their own states for legal sales.
    As long as the feds do their fed thing I'm making bank.

  8. Legalization was a mistake. Turned what used to be a way to make decent money for poor people. Who were willing to do their research and take a risk. Into a buzzword marketing laden nightmare run by yuppies who want to prove their rich parents wrong. The amount of shmucks who have replaced developing an actual personality with cheap clothing and gear covered in pot leaves now that it's legal is astounding.

  9. People shouldn’t forget how greedy politicians and blindly following law enforcement have been the true destroyers of family, mental health, etc. for decades, not these substances. I did drugs a lot in my early life to deal with a lot of pain as a form of self-medication and it was awful to be so lost and then have your family hate you on top of that just because of the propaganda and agendas.

  10. This is a divisive issue, but I think there's more understanding and tolerance for those who enjoy cannabis than there was.
    I'd be happy for cannabis to be regulated in the same way as cigarettes in the UK.

  11. Would love to see a discussion about the future of cannabis in one of, if not the largest exporter of the stuff…
    The UK.
    I can't buy it in a shop and have to engage with some of the seediest people in my community, whilst big businesses can make millions growing it here and selling it abroad.
    Sick of waiting 3 hours for a dealer that is always just around the corner.

  12. Cannabis should remain illegal in the UK because it causes mental illness in many people. It's irresponsible to legalise it in other countries in my opinion.

  13. The same way i could go to the store and pick up a beer, i want to be able to pick up some sativa, but each city in Cali handles it differently, and mine well the current mayor used to be the police chief, an absolute boomer.

    I hate it. I want regulations streamlined, and minimized to simply ensuring safety and quality of product instead of red tape getting in the way of everything.


  14. During Obama's first term DEA arresting cancer patients for the rest of their short lives was not uncommon. Thankfully, second term Obama followed through with his first term promise and got the ball rolling on non enforcement with state legal cannabis.

  15. It's called states rights. We are a constitutional Republic. We ha e moved away from the way the constitution is written but the federal government isn't supposed to hold much power. The states were supposed to be their own governing body.

  16. I think it should be legalized for budgetary reasons. It costs 50k to house someone in jail when we can make money through taxes and free up that space for violent crimes. In addition, it takes away dark money and incentives that perpetrate gang crimes.

  17. Because, in the states, smoky treats are still illegal on a federal scale, it's hard to get banks to handle money from the industry. Therefore, the industry uses a huge amount of cash, creating a dangerous situation for people in the business.

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