How Many Superchats Did Scott H Get Before He Told Everyone They Were Not For Baby Summer? TEASER


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  1. I want these greedy mfrs to pay every penny back to every person who donated . I'm even thinking this has been 1 huge con since the beginning. Poor bairn, how ppl can even think of making money out of this are sick very sick and will need psychiatrist,s for their conscience

  2. These three vultures could sell sand to the Arabs with their sweet talking bs. They prey on the weak and easily led in the community, around every corner on here there's a con artist waiting to help themselves to other people's hard earned cash and there's no shame in their game, in fact they feel entitled to it. Summer has become YouTubes favourite Cash Cow whilst making out that they do it coz they love her, if they loved her they wouldn't be exploiting her and using her name to fill their bank accounts. Even if the law doesn't get them Karma will.

  3. I could tell from when I seen Q and never subscribed to her ( I felt she was to rude) Runs hot and so cold'that she was a scam artist and I can say that about many others over a year of watching Summer Wells{ Channel (come out of her)scams money everyday= building her Channel and subscribers off of this little girl) and it being my only crime I ever followed= It's just sad how many people got subscribers =got monetized =got their channels going all off of( Summer Moon's Name!) who they claim to love her so much and if you can't tell I'm being very sarcastic! just an opinion I never believed Jodi Sue either by the way$$$! Glad You're here' Doing the hard work Carl' thank you' JUSTICE For SUMMER Moon' and to those who knew what was happening to this little girl 'they knew they did nothing!!!! I hear there's no rest in hell!!!!

  4. Q and her husband don't cover anything on yt anymore. Most of this money was taken to boost youtubers into what you see today. Like Benny Keyz and his True crime syndicate, that's exactly what Penny called it when she went in Doug's months ago with Benny and C.C. Too many connections and too many sinister elements.

  5. All this is being watched by authorities and anyone making money in Summers name will be brought to justice. It promises to be a packed jail and courtroom!!!

  6. We might not know the real identity of Scott H, but we sure know how much he cares about Summer! While asking others to send in their hard earned money to this marathon, he's keeping all the money he "earned" scamming people for this marathon. A greedy, scamming con artist who won't reveal his true identity……Maybe he's got a record of other cons he's run before??????????

  7. What another F ing piece f shit! So they were on the scammathon calling out ALL the superchats and stickers but Scott's was for him! So was THIS included in the so called total initially? What a load of scamming pos! Great work as always Carl.

  8. I despise most of them in that SNOT H. AKA >>>Jim Jones Massacre Cult" feed them poison ….they will come" that includes Squall, LipLock, Shay ,Scott, Crama, Ziggy and the rest of the "FREAK'S OF NATURE CULT" Cam & Alli has their foot in the door as well. Keep going nail them to the wall Carl!!

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