How Playing In The NFL Led Me To Using Cannabis

Retired Super Bowl Champ Cullen Jenkins talks about his playing days, and how he manages his pain with cannabis.


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Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XLV
Robert Beck/Getty Images
New York Giants Training Camp. East Rutherford, New Jersey
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Regulating medical marijuana
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2011 NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Mature man sleeping in bed, elevated view
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New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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New York Giants v Carolina Panthers
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Philadelphia Eagles, 2011 Training Camp
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Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins
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Green Bay Packers 2009 Headshots
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Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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San Diego Chargers v Green Bay Packers
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Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
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San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions
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New Study Links Tylenol With Liver Damage
Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
Green Bay Packers 2005 Headshots
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San Francisco 49ers v Indianapolis Colts
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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Central Michigan at Kentucky
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NFL: AUG 20 Preseason – Ravens at Colts
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Marijuana oil cbd bottle
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Green Bay Packers Football Game
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Vicodin Tablets.
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Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers
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Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers
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Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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2006 NFL Draft
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American Football: NFL Europe 2004, Rhein Fire-Centurions
Lars Baron/Getty Images
American Football: NFL Europe 2004, Rhein Fire-Centurions
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Ankle painful – skeleton x-ray.
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NFL: NOV 03 Anti-Doping in Sports Hearing
Icon Sports Wire/Getty Images

Chicago Bears Players at Training Camp Before the 2016 NFL Football Season
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Over the shoulder close up of young adult males toasting beers while watching sports on TV
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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Denver Broncos fan forum
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Beers and cheers
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Prescription Medication (Higher Frame Rate)
Darwin Brandis/Getty Images
Human foot ankle and leg in x-ray, on gray background.
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Excited African american family with teenagers having fun at an amusement park
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Machine Rams Into Test Football Helmet
Tribune Broadcasting – Anna Burkart/Getty Images
American football players against flashing lights
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College football player waiting in doctor’s office for bad news
Rocketclips/Getty Images
Lighting a marijuana blunt
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Slow motion of man pouring pills on white paper
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Young neurosurgeon calculating degree of patients brain concussion on MRI scans
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Adult Male Taking Pills
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MS Professional football team coming to line of scrimmage and snapping ball during game
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Fresh Farms CBD

Cullen Jenkins

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  1. 3:58 I don't know much about anything else, but this is certainly not true for regular cannabis use. If you were to smoke regularly, particularly daily, it can take months for the final traces of the drug to be processed out of your system, so you'd have to stop for a while before the testing period to be safe

  2. cannabis as pain treatment has to do with the ability of the compounds in the plant to metabolize retrograde siganlling pathways in neuronal cells. the phytocannabinoids ( THC CBD etc…..) act as neurotransmitters attenuating biological messaging that drives functioning of the cells. the pain reducing role of cannabinoids whether endogenously derived from fatty acid metabolism or gained from plant derivatives such as cannabis is to modulate the intracellular lipid metabolism signals via bio feedback mechanisms ( retrograde signals).

  3. I really wanted to like this video, but then I just realized he was vouching for the brand/concept because he is apart of the brand/industry. I understand that CBD is beneficial to anyone's well-being… I just meant how enraptured I was with him vouching for it, and then him becoming a sales man

  4. Interesting video! I didn’t know football players couldn’t take CBD oil. Odd since just the CBD oil is legal in all 50 states.

    The background music is annoying though. I was distracted by it the entire time.

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