How to Buy CBD | How to Buy CBD Oil | 3 Things to Look For When Buying CBD

In this video our guy Thad gives you three tips on how to buy a quality CBD product. These are the same questions we ask ourselves when we’re researching a new brand of CBD to offer to our customers.

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1. Does the CBD include a COA (certificate of analysis)?
2. Where was the hemp sourced?
3. Who am I buying from?

• Every CBD product we offer at Humanity Health CBD includes a QR code on the packaging that will bring you to the certificate of analysis (lab results) from a third party laboratory.
• We like to make sure all of the CBD products we sell at Humanity Health CBD are hemp derived from the USA because in our opinion, the hemp sourced in the US of A is of the highest quality, and is held to the highest standards.
• Please take a moment to research who is selling you CBD products. Ever since we posted a video debunking Shark Tank Gummies (you can find that here : we’ve had numerous customers reach out to us (jump to 1:34 of the video) for assistance because they were scammed out of $300 by an online company selling gummies that help you quit smoking. Humanity Health CBD is a family owned CBD boutique located on the west side of Indianapolis, we’re all real people you can find on Facebook and LinkedIn, and you can stop by the store or call whenever to talk to Brent or Thad. We’re also members of the Midwest Hemp Counsel, and listed on the Avon Chamber of Commerce website Point being, you can verify we’re a legitimate business, and if you can do that, you can trust you’re getting a premium CBD product.

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