How to Fill Difficult Cosmetic Products

At times it isn’t easy to get those thick cremes, scrubs and masques into your bottles for resale. Our long time employee and filling lead superstar Kathy is here to help! She will take you through filling 3 products; a Scrub, a Creme, and a Melt & Pour base. Thank you for watching and let us know if you have any techniques to share.

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Written by madmin


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  1. Ladies, it is a bit comical that filling a large-mouth jar with spoonfuls of granular scrub is considered a difficult fill. Followed by spooning creamy product into more large-mouth jars. But … apparently an instructional video is necessary. Good job!

  2. Great information perhaps but your whole product line on your website is pure garbage. I know cause I ordered before. It broke out my skin and was a huge regret. Never again though!

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