How to fix damaged hair| products great for damage hair products repair

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  1. It took me a while to get your name .com can u put it at the bottom of the screen so we can write it down . Senior not a computer person type with one finger 67 say it slower love your work

  2. I really love you Crystal.. you are sooooo trueful about hair products.. my hair is damage and broke off I had a relaxer… I cut it down to one inch…that's how damaged it was.. I will soon be gathering up the products as soon as I be financially able.. keep up the good work and May God Keep On Blessing You

  3. New to your channel. Age 61 and been wearing wigs due to convenience. Salt and pepper colored hair and tired of wearing wigs. Want to thank you for sharing this information on hair care. Want to get my hair silk pressed and rock my salt and pepper hair. I have been watching your videos and I love your honest advice. You’re awesome.

  4. You ARE THE GREATEST! THE best hair advice i have heard on youtube. You were so real giving the in and outs of other's products as well as your own. I have definitely subscribed. I'm damn near ready to move to Florida. I want you to be my beautician. You covered many of my hair troubles. My edges are shot. Bald on both sides, I'm 31 but starting loosing my sides about 16. Believe my folicles are dead. I will get a lil fuzz along the hair line but that's just it. Thank you for this❤

  5. I've been looking for someone like you that's very knowledgeable and knows her stuff! You also live in Florida! Game changer! Are you accepting new clients? If so, how can I get an appointment?

  6. I REALLY want to try your products but you have mentioned CBD oil and my job just mentioned that if it is "in your system" NO EXCUSE will be tolerated and one will be fired. Can you recommend alternatives of yours for traction alopecia that DO NOT include CBD oil in them? Thank you so much.

  7. Love your videos and advice. My hair is thinning and I have a small patch that refuses to grow. It's not bald, but there is hardly any hair in that spot. Which product do you recommend? I am relaxed.

  8. Great advice …. wish I could pay you a visit for hair care (I like a Stylist that is really smart about hair care and will take the time to teach you about taking better care of your hair )

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