How To Infuse Cannabis Oil Step-by-Step in an Instant Pot

Make Cannabis Oil the Fast, Easy, Clean Way!

(00:00) The Best Way to Make Cannabis Oil

STEP #1: (00:32) Start with a jar of decarboxylated cannabis (how to decarboxylate:

STEP #2: (00:53) Pour in oil and be sure to cover the cannabis

STEP #3: (1:42) Close your mason jar (check out our pro-tip!)

STEP #4: (2:18) Add 2 to 3 cups water to Instant Pot (we use 2½ cups – works great)

STEP #5: (2:29) Insert the rack or a cloth in the bottom of the pot

STEP #6: (3:00) Close pot & set to:
Time=45 Minutes
“Keep Warm”= OFF
Just wait a few seconds and the Instant Pot starts-up (you’ll see in the video)

STEP #7: (4:33) Open Instant Pot & remove jar (after about 2 hours from start time)

STEP #8: (5:10) Open your jar full of infused oil (be careful – it may still be hot)

STEP #9: (5:34) Strain plant material from your oil (we use cheese cloth AND a strainer)

STEP #10: (8:57) Store in a cool, dark place (it will keep well in the refrigerator a LONG time)

As promised – in this video, GrowDaddyTV demonstrates the easiest way, the fastest way, the cleanest way, and the best way to infuse cannabis oil! We infused some cured gorilla glue autoflower from a previous grow.

In case you need to know how to decarboxylate your cannabis first (you need decarb’ed cannabis before infusing), check out our video on how to decarboxylate cannabis:

We infuse one cup of MCT coconut oil with 18g of decarboxylated cannabis using an Instant Pot, a mason jar, a couple of measuring cups, an inch of cooking twine, cheesecloth, and a fine (400-mesh) strainer.

Stay tuned for more GrowDaddyTV!

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  1. i put some in the oven once to decarb for 30mins and it turned a brownish red color ? is this right ? or did i fuck it up ?

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