How to Make Cannabis Infused Sugar: Cannabasics #137

(21+ Educational Purposes only) Learn How to Make Cannabis Infused Sugar Today on Cannabasics #137. Sponsored by Freeze Pipe: Tired of harsh hits and that throat burning feeling? Check out these freezable pieces using glycerin coils to cool smoke. Freeze pipe is able to cool smoke by hundreds of degrees. Shop their bubblers, bongs, dab rigs and more.

Cannabis Infused Sugar Recipe

.5 oz. cannabis
1 pint grain alcohol (190 proof)
2 cups sugar

1. Decarb
2. Freeze
3. Combine cannabis/ alcohol
4. Combine tincture and sugar
5. Dehydrate alcohol
6. Refine/ store

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  1. I started looking up seed to flower tutorials and I'm blown away at all the things you can do with the actual flower. I just wanted to smoke it lmao

  2. That bud looks shitty. I couldn’t imagine how much better this would be if you used medical weed.

  3. @0:01 Now? NOW you make this video? Lol… I already made some. I just guessed at how to do it. I didn't use an oven, i just let it air dry… now to watch your way… EDIT @8:00 i used 2 parts sugar 1 part tincture too, but it absorbed with no liquid on top. i put it on cookie sheet and let air dry for 2 days without that thingamajig you used. 2 spoons in my morning coffee, and im good!

  4. You know this is how I’m gonna get diabetes…I’m sad about it but in a good way

  5. My question is, if you use this as a replacement for cannaoil, is it as effective without the extra fat?

  6. I use a Hamilton beach coffee grinder no need for weed grinder , since I see you use that one, bought my Hamilton 7 years ago still works for weed lol

  7. Wondering what I can do with the leftover bud, tried drying it out and smoking it, but it tastes a bit too smokey

  8. I have a air fryer that has a dehydrate setting. Is that safe to use? Don’t wanna go boom. And my oven is gas so I don’t use that for sugar

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