How To Make Shelf Stable SOUR THC Gummies! 🍬🤤[Easy Step By Step Guide] STORE BOUGHT STYLE

This recipe will get you the closest to store bought Haribo style sour gummy bears. Enjoy!

How To Make Shelf Stable THC sour Gummies (Tincture, Oil, or Butter) with STORE BOUGHT style texture! PLUS Troubleshooting 🍬🤤(Easy Step By Step Guide)

2-3 TBSP gelatin
1 85g/3oz Package JELLO
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 tsp citric acid (or more to depending how sour you want your candy)
1/4 tsp Potassium Sorbate Mixture [
1/4 cup Cannabis Tincture or Cannabutter/oil*. (I strongly recommend Tincture but If you use Cannabutter or oil, I highly suggest adding a tsp or 2 of Soy Lecithin)

*I have personally only tried this recipe with tincture, but there’s quite a few people in the comments who successfully used butter/oil

NO MELTING. NO MOLDING. Good for up to 9 months, out of the refrigerator. 🙏🏼🤩

If you’re new to making gummies, I always recommend to make a test run batch without tincture/canna oil/etc first to ensure the recipe goes smoothly. Then the second time you can make it with the weed.

When I first started making gummies, I would always make a test batch first until I got the hang of it. Even still, occasionally I wish I made a test batch first when experimenting. For example with the sugar free recipe I have posted, the combo of crystal light/sour koolaid/citric acid was too much citric acid (as the crystal light and sour koolaid already had plenty of citric acid in them) and slightly effected the texture of the gummy. Had I done a test run first I would’ve realized I put too much citric acid between the three, and I would’ve cut back a bit. But these things happen, and in the end they’re still good.. I just prefer perfect

Good luck & please comment if you end up making them ❤️

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  1. please please please would you make a video on making a tincture using an alcohol of about 138 proof or less please i am told it works but others say dont bother. plesase its not legal in my country could you test this for me and my friends please? we cant get everclear or anything clos e but we can get sugarflair fluid for eddible paint making etc would this work? afaik its just food grade ethanol or isopropyl alcohol but again i am worried

  2. EUREKA! I think I think I got the mix down i made a batch with fruit juice instead of water and it's my best batch yet, I will say the consistency isn't quite there yet they are chewy and I can stretch them but they break and they BANGING! thank you Alina!!!

  3. Dont know why but I cannot get my mix right first batch was I'm guessing to thin because it never really stiffened up I had to freeze them to eat them and my second batch I didn't even bother adding any THC sauce I was to afraid it wasn't going to be edible lol I will try again I am determined to get my mixture right because I want to make some bomb ass edibles

  4. Awesome video but I would like to know the ingredients of the tincture and how much you put in it. I think thats the most important information in the video

  5. I am curious, I have powdered lecithin and want to use infused oil. Do I need to mix the lecithin with water like the potassium sorbate mixture? Or just add the powder into the oil and mix? Really confused about this.

  6. So… Everything works out well until the time I mix my cannabinoids (Delta-8, CBN, and CBC distillates 1tsp of lecithin and MCT oil to bring it to 1/4 cup) into the gelatin mixture. It's separating before I can get all the molds full. Do I need to add more lecithin to the overall mix? Let it cool more before adding the cannabinoid mixture/ tincture? The one that work are very similar to real gummy bears. Any help appreciated.

  7. I just tried your recipe and the texture of the gummies are amazing thank you so much. I used canna oil "coconu oil" I used 1/4 cup. I think I didn't mix the oil in well enough. How much oil do you reccomend? Thank you and I love you videos they helped me alot and made making them so easy.

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