💆‍♀️ How To Make Your Own Massage Candles! 🌈 EASY Massage Candle Tutorial (2020)

Learn how to make your very own stress-busting massage candles to sell or gift to your loved ones!

The art of the massage candle dates back to the ancient orient when warmed candle oils and essential oils were applied to the body to reduce tension and promote well-being. Discover this luxurious and stress-relieving craft with our latest tutorial video!

Check out the links below for all the components needed to make your own massage candles. Happy making!

Beeswax Coco Crème candle wax:

Skin-safe fragrance oils:

Wooden wicks:

Candle vessels and lids:


The Wooden Wick Co.

We are a community and online marketplace, designed for the Mindful Maker of today. We offer a variety of high-quality, consciously sourced and uniquely curated making supplies for home and body.

Luxury Fragrance Oils:
100% Natural Essential Oils:
Natural Wax Blends:
Unique Candle Vessels:
DIY Soap Supplies:
Room & Body Spray Supplies:

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  1. Hi! I’m new to candle making and had a few questions. Is there a new way to check if the scents are skin safe? I’ve checked some fragrances but I couldn’t find any info about skin safety. Also, are the colored mica powders okay to use in massage oil candles? Thank you! 🙂

  2. A lot of my costumers are vegan and won’t want this product since it’s made with bees wax. 🙁 Do you have another wax that’s skin safe that can replace the Bess wax?
    Side note , you guys have the best oils !

  3. Sorry i have so many questions. But im new to candle making and want to take the leap at it.. So here i go … Can you use any color dye blocks in this? or does it have to be something specific?… If so do you have any recommendations? Also can you use this wax for wax melts and pillar candles?

  4. I love your aesthetics and I'm so excited to try your Coco Apricot Creme in the Discovery Kit I purchased, but it's almost been a month since I ordered and it's still being fulfilled. Nevertheless I'm super stoked to use it and your company is one of few that sells it. I guess I'm just getting anxious to use something other than soy wax for a change. I hear wonderful things about it.

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